2014 Retrospective and Friday Giftures

It’s been a crazy year, 2014, and I think that today, January 10th is a good time to reflect back on what a crappy year it was.  I can barely remember any good movies, music, or quite frankly moments at all.  Like I guess New Year’s was an okay day because I didn’t have to work or whatever, but most of the rest of 2014 was pretty unremarkable.  Can anyone tell me one good thing that happened to us as a society this year? Didn’t think so.  Well before we leave 2014, let’s just take a look at some pictures that made us bitter.


There were a lot of reasons to bang our heads against the wall…

Nothing good happened in sports.

Nothing good happened in sports.


People were a whole lot nosier…

We figured out a faster way to use a straw.

We figured out a faster way to use a straw.


There was too much horsing around….

Some people tried to kick things into gear.

Some people kicked off the New Year in style.


The bitterness was taught early…



She’s got the talent of a teenager at such a young age!


We wrestled with a lot of questions…


We rang in the New Year out of the ring.

Some people just went the way the wind took them….



See these geese waving?


Seems like there more freeway accidents this year…


They don’t call them gymnicestics. 


Even food prices went up…


Food prices were scary high this year.

As you can see nothing good happened in 2014, so I can say that I was even more bitter than 2013.  And considering that 2015 is the year that Marty McFly is going to visit Hilldale and see how little progress we’ve made toward the flying car, it’s probably going to be a pretty bitter year too.  Bitter Friday to you..


Bitter 2014 Retrospective 2014 Ben

46 thoughts on “2014 Retrospective and Friday Giftures

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  3. If Marty McFly is on his way, I will stay away. I don’t like Biff. Besides, his name sounds like a cuss word in some exotic language- like whatever they speak in Vanautu.

    Also, thank you for recognizing the importance of the only psychologically-enhancing North American sport played by over 150 countries that is also good for regulating head-bangers and can be watched from safety glass while wearing beaver hats.


  4. I don’t like to look back, and I don’t believe in looking forward. Looking back is depressing, looking forward lends itself to disappointment. Either way, very bitter not to just live in the moment.


  5. What a dbag that scary Michael Jackson mime was! It’s like he failed putting on his Kiss make-up and thought, “Oh, well, I’ll go hang out near the Pamper’s and scare parents.”


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