Face Punching Bitter Friday Pictures

If this week had a face I would punch it.  Co-workers talking to me, bosses demanding I do actual work, drivers on the freeway asking that I pay attention to the road at least 25% of the time…It has been brutal.  Since I have no boxing experience and never got into any brawls other than the one where someone punched me in the face from behind, the week is going to have to deal with my metaphorical punch to face.  I will do my bitterest to passive aggressively stare at people, avoid doing work and snidely and sarcastically retort to people’s stupid remarks like, “TGIF” or “What are you going to do this weekend?” or “You busy right now?”  Also, I will take my time posting “all these gifs, which will take me all kinds of time to find and post”.  So call a customer service line to be placed on a two hour hold or get your phones out to play some Candy Crush or find someone to text while you wait bitterly for the following Friday Giftures to slowly appear in your browser.

The kids were a little hyper this week…

the kids wer a little hyper

…could have been all those Snicker Bars….


So we decided to feed them some healthy food for once…. 


Dang kids

They got their bitter revenge…


Things just went downhill from there…


…into the ditch.


At work there was the intense training program…


That got a little off track…


I tried to sneak out of work a little early….

But the doors weren't open yet...

…but my dreams of leaving early were shattered….


Before I left for work I checked the traffic report….



Traffic was backed up….


I barely avoided an accident…

I barely avoiced

It was plane to see how close the guy was behind me…


I tried to find a shortcut….

So I tried to pass...

But there was a minor delay…


Got pulled over for speeding…

The cops didn

They take speeding very seriously around here…



Got home and flipped out…

Got home

That got me kicked out…



Went to do some exercise…


Tried to do some

…people got in my way….



After exercise I could barely walk… 


after exercise

got a little tripped up…



Tried to make it downstairs….





Tried to take a seat…


got kicked out…


Just gave up…

Jsut gave up.

I’m out…


So those are my bitterspirational words of the week.  When life gets you down (as it always will) just quit and give up.


Bitter Quitter Ben

115 thoughts on “Face Punching Bitter Friday Pictures

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  2. there is this big black box at the top of every page ,like 3 inches & it covers parts of pages, so i miss a bitter sentence when i try to scroll & parts of bitter pictures , even though i bitterly try to decrease the page size to 67% & the like buttons too! ..i think you should yell at google chrome for me.

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  4. I loved the upside-down egg beater. Speaking of egg beaters, I am egg-beater bitter about my diet. Diet is a misnomer for my “eating habit”. I am surrounded and made bitter by “food porn”. To survive and make it out of this apartment, I have to eat my way out every day. The food gets demonstrative and downright angry if I don’t eat it. The soup gets soupicidal. If you don’t eat them after a while, they turn on you.


    • I agree with all the food rising up and not allowing you to leave until you eat it all. I have tried to leave by showing them how much weight I gain, but the ice cream sandwichs continue to annoy me until I eat them.


      • Bitterly Ben, the only way to defeat the porn-a-licious food is to eat celery, which takes more calories than it gives. But that much celery, if you subsist on a diet primarily of the green stuff, you start looking like Kermit the frog. I would imagine burning far more calories than you take in would be a dietary time bomb. Now ice cream sandwiches I can get excited about … more towards IC sandwich summertime — though it’s so dry in here, an IC sandwich might be good now. Off to eat a Big Markaroon…


  5. So many wonderful moments to sit and marvel that it wasn’t ME! I wanted to punch this week in the face until I saw these gifs. I didn’t have to jump out of the path of a boat, plane, train fall off a chair, get kicked in the head, have 7 Russian cops smash out the windshield, trip, fall, hit anything glass…nope. This week was GREAT! Thanks for illustrating this so wonderfully.


  6. Okay, firstly I have to ask . . .

    Punched in the face from behind?
    I’ll bet that’s probably better than the other way around.

    That one where the jerk tried to cut around? I smiled a bit in an evil way over that. That sort of stuff makes me angry.
    Also, dude through the window? Amazing. (That happened twice and both were).
    But I’ve gotta say . . . boy on the scooter?
    That was BAD. O.O


  7. One of the best opening lines ever!
    Took me a couple minutes before I could continue reading I was laughing so hard. The rest of the post caused even more hilarity now I’m at least ten minutes behind on my nights reading.


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