In case you missed it…you didn’t miss much

Breaking Bitter resolutions should be a TV show.

You didn’t miss much…

You may or may not know that I’m bitter about stuff.  Sometimes it’s the little things that nice people don’t really see and other times it’s real stuff that makes everyone Bitter.  Traffic, losing at stuff and head injuries…stuff like that.  Well, this week, real life job and real life work interfered with stuff, plus a tad bit of writer’s block, known as a lot of writer’s block interfered with me getting blog posts out as opposed to dealing with real life things.  So my super low expectation of getting 4 blog posts out in a week failed.  See this weeks recap for a look at how bad you can fail.

This week I did several posts and by that I mean two.  One of the two was being bitter about moving.  As you know, I am a fervent opposer of any kind of movement whether it be from the couch or moving locations.  There are all kinds of reasons why not to move and I just named a few.

The other one was my automatic post that people have never look forward Bitter Failure Friday Pictures.  It was a look back on the Bitter Failures which went all the way up to two for me this week.  How am I expected to cope with both of these failures all in one week?  I would cry bitter tears if tears weren’t so allergic to me.

I did find time to waste time bitter twittering that I had to work all week:

There were bitter comments about the Bitter Failures:

“I think that moving is one of the worst experiences on the planet. falling into an active volcano is a close second.” Ksbeth

“Those gifs are truly gifts. In the boy’s defense, he DID get the magic trick accomplished. Gravity just had other plans for the bookshelf. And his brother. But think how cool how tricks will sound when he dedicates them to the memory of Timmy.” – Kerby

Then just because I didn’t fail enough this week, I would like to give you a few more doses of failure gif style.

So many questions….

amid all the

Biggest question of all though? What’s with the USA pants…

What nice friends you have PS4…


Clearly your friends knew that you needed a dip in the pool…

May you have a weekend of failures and bad mishaps or much bitterness.  Cause remember, there is always Monday to not look forward to.


Bitter Nothingness Ben


36 thoughts on “In case you missed it…you didn’t miss much

  1. Aww Ben..your bitterness is a breath of fresh air in all of the optimism surrounding us… because of that, I’m giving you a Liebster Award. Click the link to collect :-)


  2. The meeting comment. So true. I mostly played solitaire on my Blackberry during meetings back in the day. Now- for the especially awful school type meetings- I`ve graduated to Words with Friends. In a typical meeting I can move up to number 1 in the rankings. And it gives me time to catch up on my games.


  3. I was sitting there waiting and waiting…between football and work and eating and stuff. I was waiting for a post. SeaHawks just won so I’m bitter. I can’t go to NY to see them win the Super Bowl.


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