Friday Giftures and Goal Disappointment

It is Friday and things have been a little too ambitious up in here.  For instance, I hear the weather in the vortexy area of the United States is working overtime stacking two inches of fat stacks of white frozen angel water upon the grounds of Georgia. When even weather is trying to meet goals, it is time to slow down.   It is almost February people!  This is the time of the year when people are giving up on our resolutions! Get less motivated people!  Start to quit! In case you needed some help, here are some demotivational gifs to get you back to slacking this week:

Set the bar lower for goodness sake:  

I've got some great goals to achieve this year.

Take a stab at how you think my meager goals are doing.

That’s good for today…


Knock that one domino out of the park.

Do a little less Facetime chatting:


Nailed it…

Do you ever feel like a paper bag…


You are a firework…

Here we go…First load of the day…


aaannnd I’m done…

Show someone how much you despise them…


With the gift of bees….

Go nowhere fast…

Go forward .

..or not so fast.

Quit that diet…


…even faster…

Go to a concert…


and get some bitter revenge…

Start a new career…


…then get fired.

So let’s recap.  Set goals low, accomplish as little as possible each day, get less facetime, quit early, show people how much you despise them, go nowhere fast, quit your diet, get bitter revenge, and get fired.  Most of all, cultivate, grow and nourish that inner bitterness you have so been wanting to free.  Show everyone how bitter you truly feel.  There is no bitter day to do that than Friday.


Bitter Goal Disappointment Ben


46 thoughts on “Friday Giftures and Goal Disappointment

  1. Love your ‘gif’ posts and that makes me super bitter because WP new crap roll out is messing with my posts. I can’t even do anything. I mean supposing I were going to. Not that I am. But IF I wanted to…


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