Bitter Failure Friday Pictures

This week has been nothing but failures all around.  For instance, today should be Saturday and I’ve been having a case of clinomania.  I mentioned moving earlier in the week to a new building for work.  Everything related to that went as bitterly as possible.  It’s too hot here, the water isn’t hot enough to use in my oatmeal, my back is killing me with the new chairs, there is nothing but people all around that continually want to talk to me, etc.  Worst of all, I worked on not one but two different posts yesterday and neither one of them were even remotely close to my terribly low and bitter expectations, so I crammed them back in my mind, never to be released again, especially to the bloga spear.  So overall, this has been the bitter failure of a week for me and that is saying something.  But let’s not think of all the worse things that could happen like car accidents, poverty, hunger and real problems that plague people.  Let’s just focus on MY failures in the form of Gifs.

My first teleconference went well…

My new jobs just isn't working out.

except for the pants, and the background, and the dudes that I didn’t know playing cards in my house.

Magic wasn’t in the air this week…

My favorite trick? Making my brother disappear.

Plus, I lost my brother. Has anyone seen him? I know he likes to read…

When life gives you lemons throw it curveballs…

They threw me for a curve.

And strike out bitterly on every one.

People kept interupting me when I was studying the new manuals…

Having a desire to do this.

When I get tired I tend to get a little cranky…and night sweats too…

I was so close to winning at Jenga…

I was

…until Ellen had to go and ruin the board…

My basketball team was going to win….


…until this dude untied the score.

I was trying to teach a class in the B.I.T.T.E.R. School of Bitterness when I found out….


..there was excessive happiness going on behind my back…

I tried to get some help from my co-workers….


…but they just gave me the run around.

I decided to skip the gym for the 40th year in a row…

I decided to skip the

Because going 8 miles per hour is too much…Besides that guy wouldn’t even care if I fell…

And when I got home I was attacked…


…by the neighbors human cat…(perhaps she could take care of our mouse problem?)

I requested some desert after dinner…


So…that’s a yes then?

I’m hoping that everyone else had as bitter a week as I did, because you know what they say, “Bitterness loves company!” And by that I mean, no we don’t.  We don’t love company at all.  So don’t stop by or come over and talk.  Recumbentibus!


31 thoughts on “Bitter Failure Friday Pictures

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  2. Those gifs are truly gifts. In the boy’s defense, he DID get the magic trick accomplished. Gravity just had other plans for the bookshelf. And his brother. But think how cool how tricks will sound when he dedicates them to the memory of Timmy.


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