Bitter Vacation Friday Pictures

Time to get Funky.

We quit at noon!

In case you are really bad at looking at calendars or bad at realizing how people seem to be dressed in casual jeans instead of their normally dapper attire, it is Friday.  A day in which, I like to post blantantly stolen pictures from the internet and loosely relate them to how bitter I am.  In the case of this Friday, I have scheduled some days off next week to go to Hawaii (so all the criminals will know it is okay to steal stuff from my house).  However, I just realized just because you schedule time off for Hawaii, doesn’t mean you get to go unless you buy airline tickets, book a hotel, and have actual money to go.  Don’t worry though.  I plan to go to the airport and pretend to be going on a trip, bags packed and all, and expect that one of those travel sights are filming a commercial in which they say, “If I tell you that you can go anywhere in the world, but you had to go right now, would you do it?” To which I would say, “Uh, let me think about it. Hawaii and yes.”  Then who is the sucker!  But with my bitter luck they would say that I had to go to Siberia and I would only have my shorts and sandals.

If that idea fails(since it will) what does a bitter guy do on vacation?

Takes the kids to the aquarium:

Let's go swimming.

Let’s go swimming.

Tries a new sport.

How about some skydiving.

Learning how to fly.

Does some swimming:

Learn how to dive.

Learning how to dive….

Takes a tour of a castle:

Take a tour of a castle.

Where is the moat?

Plays some sports.

Piggy back ride!!!

Piggy back ride!!!

Goes to the gym:

I got this!

I got this!

Jumps on the trampoline:

How did these cars get in our backyard?

How did these cars get in our backyard?

Grabs some grub:

Lemsffs gessfum fommdt tuuu emmat.

Lemsffs gessfum fommdt tuuu emmat.

But mostly this.

This couch isn't very comfortable but....

This couch isn’t very comfortable….

Have a bitter next week knowing that I will not be working(like every other week but from home).  Don’t worry though, there will be bitterness about that too.


Bitter Vacationing Ben

37 thoughts on “Bitter Vacation Friday Pictures

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  8. I’m bitter and jealous! Bring me back some seashells and sand. Or at least send me a pizza while I’m slaving away at work. Argh! 😛


  9. Canada and now Hawaii? You’re having a bad streak of failed vacations! Maybe you could try to prompt yourself to dream about them somehow! Then you may feel as though you’ve been, but with few stories to tell!:)


  10. Now, you are really trying to make me Jealous Jen with your trip to Hawaii, but then you soothed my nerves with the realization that you aren’t actually going…Thanks…I can’t handle much more!


  11. I love the occasional post where I don’t have to read lots of words and I can just clap my hands like an idiot and laugh at pictures and .gifs or whatever those little video things are called. Enjoy your week off. I don’t hate you for it or anything.


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