Unlucky Friday Picture Bitterness

Some people might not call me unlucky, but they would be wrong.  It is all about perspective.  Some may say that I am lucky that I have a job.  I say I’m unlucky that I have to work here.  Some may call me lucky because I have enough money for food, and sometimes water.  I say I’m unlucky because I haven’t won the lottery.  Some may say that glass is half full.  I say it looks empty to me.  Some may say that I avoided death in that accident.  I say I’m unlucky because my mirror got annillated. It’s all about my bitter perspective and your non bitter one.  So tell me, how lucky or unlucky do you think the following are?

The Real Mario Brothers

The Real Mario Brothers

Lucky or Unlucky? Looks lucky to you huh? Sure the “Real Mario Brothers” dodged a few bullets (or fireballs) but did you know right after this was taken they were tragically, painfully and hungrily eaten by Bowser.  My verdict: Bowser Lunch.


Tragedy or love story?

Tragedy or love story?

Lucky or Unlucky? Two dealership balloons meet.  Lock eyes from across the parking lot. They move toward each other.  Neither one has ever seen anything like each other.  They embrace as if they have been together forever.  They fall into each other arms.  Happily ever after?  Nope.  What really happened was these two bitter rivals and enemies were wrestling and both got shot with a stray bullet from the gun club next door.  Their funerals were at the Air Ballon festival but no one paid any attention to them because there were air ballons at the Air Ballon Festival.  My verdict: Bitter Feud

Ice see what happened here.

Ice see what happened here.

Lucky or Unlucky? A truck full of medical supplies that are needed to save the village.  Looks like the skill of the driver in snow saved them from almost sure annihilation.  What really happened?  My Xbox One that was supposed to arrive today was in there.  Now it is going to be a day late.  Verdict: Bitter Video Game Tragedy  

Catskill Mountain

Paw bump

Lucky or unlucky? In an epic struggle to find a way to overcome his bitter rival Pete finds an abandoned, yet lucky cat that gives him a winning edge.  He goes on a can’t lose streak all the way to the finals.  Faces bitter rival and finds that he can do it without the cat and triumphs while cat is at home eating food.  What I think happened?  Guy was on a winning streak that can’t be stopped, steps under a ladder, meets black cat, gives him a fist bump and goes on a losing streak that eventually gets him beaten by thugs and left for dead.  Cat sees him down and out, coughs up a firball and uses him as a scratching post.  My verdict: Catastrophe   

A Close Shave

Shave the last Dance.

Lucky or unlucky? When a father is trapped by a beast living in a castle, girl convinces Beast to exchange father for herself.  To make beast feel better about her, grows a beard.  They live happily ever after as beast and girl with a beard.  What I think happened?  Girl lives in castle with beast.  There is no make up, razors or beauty products available.  It’s a freaking castle.  Why would they have stuff like that there?  She uses a comb that the beast uses to comb his mane, but it is an enchanted comb that causes hair to grow on whatever it is used on.  Belle, have you been in my bathroom? No, I’m just growing it for Movember.  Belle, It’s April.  My verdict: Not a Hairpy Ending 

As we approach the holidays, I wish you bitter unluck as you attempt to put up lights, try not to get trampled on your Black Friday Shopping experiences and freeze your bitter right off as you spend time outdoors.


Bitter Unlucky Ben

118 thoughts on “Unlucky Friday Picture Bitterness

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  2. Oh my gosh, the bearded Belle made me crack up. I like that we have both recently written posts about the effects of perspective on determining whether you have good or bad luck… It looks like we are arch enemies when it comes to luck, dun dun duuuun. Also that sliding truck picture is pretty much a preview of what will inevitably be the next few months of my life.


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