In case you missed it…It was a lazy week

In case you missed the Fresh Press.

In case you missed the laziness.

I spent all week not working.  Okay, I don’t work most weeks, but this one happened to be where I was at home being lazy.  I sent the kids off to school, “allowed” my wife to go shopping and I killed some alien lizards with chainsaws, because they invaded my home.  When someone interrupts my laziness, they should know that I’m going to use chainsaw.  Crazy thing is, my Xbox controller was like a remote control for the chainsaw gun.  Just like the lizard aliens, my blog posts never went away.

For instance:

Since I am an expert in Bitterly Disappointing People and also being Disappointed, I decided to share with others how that can be pulled off.

Thanksgiving is coming up and you have some long lines to look backward to.  Black Friday lines, traffic lines, being in a line up for looting in your Black Friday Debacle.  Read more about that in Line Bitterness.

My regular Picture Friday was about pictures that showed things that I’m most not Thankful for in Friday Thankless Giving Bitterness.

I didn’t tweet because I was lazy, but I did some tweets a long time ago.

Did you know that it takes two to make a thing go right and to make it out of sight?

23 Jul

One time I put Baby in the corner.

22 Jul

I eat salad everyday and I am still gaining weight. It must be the brownie dressing I am using.

Some bonus pictures for the week:

Okay, I promise I will have a burger.

Okay, I promise I will have a burger.

Maybe I will have a drink then?

Can I have my Cherry Limeade back Mr. Bottlecap?

I'll finish the caption later.

I’ll finish the caption later.

Wanna come to a party where I can avoid talking to you?

Wanna come to a party where I can avoid talking to you?

Well, that was enough work for the week.  I’m going to go back to my lazy comfort zone.  Have a bitter weekend doing whatever productive things you are doing.  Or if you did something particularly lazy, share with the rest of the Bitter class.


Bitter Missed Ben


39 thoughts on “In case you missed it…It was a lazy week

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  5. I like the “shut up, eat your salad and be sad” ecard. Might have to borrow that line.
    Jealous of the fact that you’ve been on your couch all week. I continue having to not-work while AT work. *sigh*


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