Random Picture Bitterness

Nothing says Tuesday morning like the sign above.  Abandon all your hope.

It is a dead end!  Or in other words a Tuesday.

Tuesday is like the Bitter of Flavors. No one likes it and everyone just wants it to go away.

This is how I would like to greet any neighborhood kids.

This is how I would like to greet any neighborhood kids.

For some reason all of our neighborhood kids like to hang out in our house all day, eating all our food, messing up our house, scattering toys everywhere, breaking all our valuables, and then when I get home, none of them seem to want to stay.  I don’t know if it is my wife just being so popular or kids not liking bitter, angry dude that says no all the time.  For once, my bitterness comes in handy.

Who doesn't like a random quote about Bitterness?

Did you know that I have been quoted saying stuff?

It’s always been a dream of mine to take people’s quotes about stuff that seem logical and find the one thing in the quote that really doesn’t make sense and exploit it and make it not make sense at all.  This one above is my first attempt.  Someday I will find a career that pays me to find illogic in all quotes.  As you can see above, I should go into graphic design.

Take a look around.  Random Bitterness is all around you.  What pictures make you bitter to be alive today?

Bitter Random Ben



92 thoughts on “Random Picture Bitterness

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  8. You know what’s worse than inspirational posters? Those e-mails that people send you at work about how Jesus loves you and wants to solve all your problems, but only if you forward the e-mail to 27 friends in the next 12 minutes. Talk about illogical! Like Jesus is checking your e-mail! Can you see it now? Jesus is on a donkey hacking your e-mail, “What?!? He only forwarded my message to 11 friends! That’s it! I’m going to smite Ben.”


  9. I’m bitter about the fact that those pics are making me happy. I’m also bitter about the proliferation of inspirational quotes my friends plaster all over the place online.


  10. We’re just the Disneyland of our neighborhood… I think it’s because our house is ‘pre-messed’ and requires no effort on the part of kids to make it ‘comfortable’.


  11. A coworker has a poster that i assume is supposed to be inspirational and stuff. It says she took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference. I argue with her every Monday and a little bit on Tuesdays that the person who took the road less traveled regrets the decision, but she insists I’m wrong, and even though I know I’m right, it makes me bitter.


    • Is she one of those upbeat people? If despair.com hadn’t stolen my idea for demotivational posters, I would suggest you get one of my bitter posters and put it up right next to hers and make her bitter.


  12. You should’ve gone to my step-daughter’s graduation. It was like the school principal googled “inspirational cliches,” printed them out and then read them in his address to the graduates. You could have funded the whole rest of your life off that one speech, if you could get paid for doing what you describe above. AND if you had been there.


  13. You SHOULD go into graphic design! I don’t let neighborhood kids in my home bc I like a clean carpet. Just seeing their dirty pawprints makes me bitter.


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