The Drama Highway

Some people spend their whole lives on the stage. Others are in the audience trying to avoid it.

You probably think that my life is all about drama. Every week I’m complaining about something so minuscule that it bothers me enough to write a whole post about it. But in reality, I don’t have much drama. My life is about the little things that make me bitter.

On the other hand, a lot of people I know have drama. Like real life, heartbreaking, face punching, cage-rattling drama. I’m sure a little bit of people’s drama comes from external forces. Something they can’t control. Somebody dies, they get hit by a lawsuit they didn’t know about, or a fast food employee includes one tiny onion on the burger they asked to not have that on the burger. Okay, that would drive me crazy too, because onions are the worst.

My theory is that some people like me deflect drama. It will come into our lives, we will deal with it, mostly internally, figure it out, write bitterly about it, and then move on. You might call me boring, but you will probably find that not a whole lot happens to me either. From the outside, many people might even see me as a completely put together and responsible person.

Then there are the drama queens, kings, princes and princesses. You know these people. You might work with them, live with them, even be married to them. No matter what kind of day, what event is happening, there is some sort of drama. It is my belief that these people find a black hole of drama and find a way to create some. If there is an absence of some, they will find it. If their lives were a romantic comedy, they would be one that had “that day.” You know where all the drama didn’t have to be found, but one that they just kept doing things to create.

They would be the roller coaster ride that had all kinds of started at the top and never stopped until they went to sleep. They would be the nonstop action movie, except that is every day of their lives. If they aren’t complaining about the things that happened yesterday, they are experiencing it today.

It’s like they have a life magnet and every good, bad, manic thing is the opposite side of the magnet.

Don’t go out there. It’s dangerous on the drama highway.

If there was a highway and it split two different ways, I would go on the relatively straight one that only deviated here and there, but I course corrected. The drama kings would take one that had no guardrails, curved, spun and the four hundred foot cliffs and when they were curvy enough would start drifting on the road just to see how close they got to the edge. They would probably fall off a lot too, then try to climb back up and get pecked by vultures. They would get sweaty, dirty, and have holes in their clothes and then they would be back to tell everyone on the other highway all about it.

Luckily, I’m over on the unbumpy highway with my headphones on, so I can’t hear them.

Always driving on the wrong side of the road.

What about you? Are you the drama king or queen? Or do you have to deal with one on the daily? Tell me all about them.


Bitter Drama Highway Ben


25 thoughts on “The Drama Highway

  1. I regretfully believe that I may be a drama princess. Not quite up to Queen status since Drama Queens do annoy me. Then again, maybe I’m not for that reason. I work with a drama queen who I used to be close to, but then she turned her drama onto me and my eyes were opened. Now almost every time she talks about something, I’m like, “Do I need to get my popcorn? Is this a show? What’s the ticket price?”

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  2. Yet ANOTHER health problem pops up, I can handle that shit. Someone else I love died, no problem. But an onion touching anything I wanted to eat? My entire reason for being vanishes and I lose the will to live. Onions are trying to single-handedly ruin my life. Fuck them. Fuck them all, life ruining bastards.

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  3. I have a drama queen friend. She complains about everyone and everything but then has a giant blind spot where she’s doing the same thing! This is someone who complains that we aren’t all present and productive enough at our writing meetings but then spends half the meeting on the phone with some guy buying the new equivalent of bitcoin. And doesn’t even realize it’s rude! And sure I could react. But my other writing partner and I work really well together. So I took this as a blessing, moved into her bedroom, and knocked out most of the episode we were writing before she got off the phone. Because there’d probably be some storyline drama if she WAS present. Thanks for letting me get that one off my chest! 😂😬🤔

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  4. Oh my gosh, I could go on and on about all the dramaturgical people in my life! They ruin a perfectly good day. They REALLY, REALLY do!! But at least they help me stay bitter, because they are the bitterest.

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  5. I don’t like to watch drama or get swept into it. I used to hide backstage in the dark, but my drama-loving ex and relatives kept reaching into he wings to yank me onstage with them. Luckily, I learned to get out and stay far away from the theatre, way out in the country, where there’s peace and quiet and no spotlights. Whew!

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  6. I’m not one, but I always seem to end up with a drama queen or king in my life in some capacity. I think that their problem is that they are completely derailed by things that most people take in stride. They complain about things that everyone else just sucks up and they are completely oblivious. Okay, now I’m sounding bitter. I’m just gonna tip toe on out of here before I go to my dark place.

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