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Over the years, my blog has gone through many different changes. Okay, only a few. I’ve added a new banner a few times. And it seems like I’ve gone through multiple followers that have faded and had to find new ones. But for the most part, this blog is still about the core value of bitterness. My first post was about spreading bitterness and that continues today. The one thing this blog has never been is trendy. It is not a photo blog that puts beautiful pictures out. Nor do I talk about what is going on in the world, IE, politics, entertainment, world news. I think trends come and go, but bitterness will always be in style. So just because I don’t follow trends, doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow me. This is why my blog and me will stand the test of time. Because bitterness will never go out of style, just like my jeans(meaning my dad jeans). And just because the gifs aren’t in 4K, doesn’t mean you don’t have to view them every week. So here they are presented in 380 p maybe?

Seriously, when is people accidentally running into walls…

…not funny?

When has kicking yourself in the face with a ball…

…not been in vogue?

You know what will never go out of style…

…flirting fails.

Accidents with cars…

…will always be relevant.

Parents not paying attention to their kids…

…done since the beginning of time.Β 

Losing at Jenga and being attacked by the game…


Scaring your kids just for the fun of it…

…even Adam and Eve were doing this.Β 

Since the first boy’s night…

…they have been trying to destroy their ability to have offspring.

From the first comedy to the last magician’s trick…

…distraction will always be funny.

Husbands and wives will always argue about who’s fault it was…

…and we can all agree, it was both and neither of them, but the husband will always get blamed.

Dance has been around for millions of years…

…and stomping on cans has always been a part of it.

The most universal thing however is humans have always wanted to race…

…and it is never not funny when they get out of control.

Take that you trendy blogs that talk about fashion, photography and travel. You will probably run of things to talk about after a year. But here we are still laughing at the same thing dinosaurs laughed about. T-Rexes short arms.


Bitter Non Trend Ben


39 thoughts on “Following Trends Friday Giftures

  1. HA! on the kid gettin’ a ball in the face! πŸ˜€

    Oh…I try so hard to be bitter…just for you, Ben…and it’s not working! 😦
    Sweet, thoughtful, and good-natured just oozes out of me. 😦

    HUGS and Happy Hoppy Easter to you and your family!!! πŸ™‚

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  2. But…but…I’m not bitter; I’m more of a butter. (Oh, if only botter was a word–then I could win the vowel game with batter, better, bitter, botter, butter. Rats! I’ll consider being bitter about it.)

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  3. I know what you mean. I have a few followers who have been with me awhile but the majority either stop reading me or just stop reading. Maybe it is a curse and they are being eliminated by the dark group. Anyway you are still around. Still bitter and with an after taste. By the way the T-Rex had long arms. It is a conspiracy that he had short arms. Actually he was a veggie person and used his long arms to cut through the corn. His teeth constantly had to be brushed and he used a palm tree to do it. He died out because of splinters to the mouth. A bitter end but any end is bitter.

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  4. Hahahaha I laughed, as usual :’) The World seems so full of stupid people, judging from your gifs. But they sure are entertaining πŸ™‚


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