Falling off the Edge Bitter Friday Giftures


I am so mad at myself. Yesterday as I was leaving the building to go home, I decided to help someone by holding the door open for them. Big mistake. They took their time getting to the door, and then I had to wait for them to open it for me. Then because it was raining a little outside, it was a little slippery. Obviously, I’m pretty much the clumbsiest person you probably know from a blog. Of course I slipped right in front of the lady I just helped with the door. It was kind of funny to see my slip all over the place. It wasn’t the fact that I almost slipped that made me bitter. I was so bitter because there was no camera around. In a country where there are camera’s every 2 feet in Walmart and Target, and camera’s smaller than a jewel in a ring, it was bitterly disappointing that not one camera was available to take that super embarassing moment for everyone. It would have made a killer gif today. So for no consolation, here is the Bitter Friday Giftures.

This kid was lucky enough…

…that he got to fail in front of other people.

I’m so bitter that this car…

…got captured on film…

This kid got to be in mortal danger…

WHILE the camera’s were running.

How lucky was this girl…

…that her idiot mistake was captured on celluloid?

These human people got to create a stupid wheel…

…in front of a taped audience.

This guy got to be in mortal danger AND see his wife fall…

…on camera.

This dog is even more famous than me…

…because someone was smart enough to film this.

Because of the insight of having a camera…

…this amazing moment happened.

Though this moment wasn’t a disaster…

…at least they got to be on camera….


This amazing moment…

…courtesy of someone holding a camera.

This garbage moment…

…brought to you by the letter C, as in camera.

This could have been me slipping on the wet ground…

…but you will never know, because I didn’t have a camera.ย 

So for the time being, you will just have to imagine my terribly disappointing moment slipping and almost falling, then having to see my embarassed face afterward, because all these unprepared people with cell phones, cameras and other photographic devices not doing their stinking millennial job of filming every single boring moment in the hopes of actually finding an interesting moment. Boo on them and bitter on me.


Bitter Missed Opportunity Ben

20 thoughts on “Falling off the Edge Bitter Friday Giftures

    • I just think he wanted to fall. There was one gif of a dude a few weeks ago that triple failed. He was on a shed dunking a ball in a hoop, and missed, then fell off the shed and then got up and fell again. He might be more unlucky.


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