Winners and losers Friday Giftures


I’m not a competitive person at all which is great, but my son is, so every time I go to the car, I’m in an Amazing Race for my life with my son.  If I was a competitive person, I would be devastated all the time, because I don’t think I’ve beat him in a race since 2006 (he was born in 2007).  In life, when there is a winner, that means there is always going to be a loser.  In my life, I guess that is always me.  But believe you me, there is no grace or civility when I lose.  I’m no sore loser either. I’m a bitter loser. Just like some of the following people.

In the race between waterfall and the skier…


…skier didn’t even have a chance.

In this motorcycle fight…


…everyone lost.

In this boxing match between this girl and her shadow…

shadow win this time.

…she just couldn’t lose the shadow.

Parkour was winning for a while…


…until the last round, when mailbox landed the knockout punch.

The Amazing Race around the world starts…


…never mind.  It’s cancelled.

In the curious case of Man vs. Hamburger…


…cow wins by a foot. 

In the motorcycle vs. purse snatcher…



…it was a landslide.

Though when in competition with a car…


…this motorcycle went down.

Can you take out the trash?….


…that’s a bunch of garbage. 

In this game of catch…


…the winner was laziness.

In this game of ping pong…


…luck was the winner. 



…no winners in this one. 

Ultimately we will all fail, because according to Nike, or Vince Lombardi or some other freaking so called “genius”, “Second place is first loser.” Good thing because I usually come in last place.  So I’m the last loser.  And that just gives me more time to be bitter about it on the couch while you losers are out there competing.


Bitter Loser Ben

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