Bitter Transition Gifture Friday

This week we made the transition from summer to fall.  On the calendar maybe.  In my mind summer was over looong ago.  For some reason the sun and the moon seem to think they are in charge of the changing of the seasons, but they have been overtaken.  You know who makes the decisions on when the seasons change? People. Perception.
And you know how different every single person thinks.  Some say the moment school starts, others say the first moment they see package of candy that has Halloween on it, others might say its when they have to first wear long sleeves.  Other measure it by when football starts. This is why the seasons have such a hard time making transitions.  Speaking of bad transitions, here are the bitterest gifs of the week.

Whoops.. a little too excited and punched myself in the eye.

…got a little too excited and punched myself in the eye.

So this weekend we need to get our chores done…


…so just make sure you drone on about it.

And when people ask you to do something…


…try to be a little flexible about it. 

Maybe try something new…


…like pizza…

Speaking of pizza…

...anyone want some Little Siezure's Pizza?

…maybe try a Little Siezure’s Pizza.

Maybe after that we can have some cake…


…with a nice cold glass of this girl is crazy.

Then we can go to a football game…


…for another glass of this girl grew up and is still crazy.

Before we go out though…


…we need to baby powder our faces….

We need to get our…


…walking shoes on.

Slide into something..

...slide into something

…more comfortable…

Then we need to hop in…


…the time machine…

So we can finally go out…


…and grab something to eat. 

So as we poorly transition to fall, and see the light quickly fade to the dark, let’s get bitter that we are just one more day closer to winter, where we will experience the same old dark, non ending snow stories, the depression of January’s resolutions and February’s Valentines nightmares.


Bitter Ben better transitions than in a Junior High







34 thoughts on “Bitter Transition Gifture Friday

  1. … or, if we live in the southern hemisphere like I do, we transition to spring and summer! Yay! Transitioning to sunny skies and warm weather … and 45 degree (C) heatwaves, malfunctioning air-conditioning, over-crowded beaches, nightmarish Christmas shopping (and it will be cold and rain on Christmas despite the heatwave), everyone watching the cricket all the time on all available TVs, and finally the unrivaled horror that is Valentine’s day (which was on your list, but I really don’t like it and want to be bitter about it too) … Yay …


  2. Wow, this blog was so deep…perception makes the season’s change…yeah man, I’m going to have to contemplate that…like maybe instead of working today…like maybe I should say that I need the day off because I have to contemplate how people’s perception makes for seasonal modification man…


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