Fight or Flight Friday Giftures


Sometimes when you get trapped (in your cubicle, or in a store) there are only two things you can do.  You can Fight for Your Right to Party, or you can join the Flight Club, but just remember the first rule about the Flight Club.  Do not talk about the Flight Club.  Second rule, do not talk about the Flight Club.  And by the way, don’t see a movie called the Fight Club starring Brad Pitt.  It is a blatant copy of the original movie Flight Club starring Brad  This weekend, don’t get trapped in your cubicle, or in a store.  Fly on over and check out the Friday Giftures of the Week.

Ummm there’s bacon right there dude…


…no flight should be involved here.

I’m gonna go ahead and say…


…you should have put on your wings for this flight ladies.

If you don’t fly this coop soon…'re gonna get fired.

…you’re gonna get fired.

The best way to avoid getting trapped…


…is to not monkey around.

Spiderman, Spiderman…


…does whatever a Spider can.

When taking flight…


…make sure you avoid catastrophies.

Flight in the white…


…makes for quite a fright in the night.

When someone asks how strong you are…


…flex your arm and say, “The beach is that way.”

And always have the courage…


…to leave them hanging.

When you are trying to fly…

...make sure you give them the face.

…make sure you give them the face.

Let’s just not… about this one.

…talk about this one.



…yeah. That’s a moose. 

So there you have it.  The weekend is upon us.  We have a decision to make.  Do we continue to fly by the seat of our pants or do we fight the power, fight the powers that be?  Just make sure not to fight against the power too much, because losing power makes watching TV and playing video games a lot harder.


Bitter Flight or Fight Ben





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