Let’s Blow this Pop Stand

Let’s make like a tree and get out of here.  Speaking of trees and getting out of here, did you know I’m neighbors with this guy named Biff Tannen? He was telling me about the McFly family and how they have some weird old Deloreon car from the 80’s, that has a blender that always has smoke coming out of it.  He’s always throwing banana peels and stuff in too.   I saw Biff going to the old pawn shop the other day and he was trying to buy this ancient Sport Almanac that had all the scores of all the sports games from 1950-2000.  Whatever floats his boat.  Anyways, he told me he wanted to to go down to Lou’s Cafe so he could see his grandson make fun of this kid Marty McFly junior.  I was like, I’m busy, and he’s like “The future is going to change,” and I’m like whatever, crazy old Biff Tannen.  Anyways, I think I see something going on over at the McFly’s house so I’m going to blow this pop stand.


Other people that are going to blow this pop stand today:

When you first get up…


…make sure you get a running start.


Let everyone see…

...how you really feel.

…how excited you are to be at work.


And when the meeting starts…

...you just can't find anyone? Yeah, I love those days.

…let your enthusiasm be shown.


When asked to go on a trip…

...that happens in the fall?

…tell them you will do it in the fall.

When asked to do something in the meeting…


…make sure you talk in a circle.


Or pretend…

...just make sure to

…to flip out.


And then when they really need you..

...have a late afternoon crash.

…have a late afternoon crash.

At precisely 3:30 pm…

...tell them it's time to bounce.

…tell them it’s time to bounce.


When you go to work out…

make sure you get your leg days in too.

…make sure to do at least one leg day.

While at the gym…


…give a bitter tap to your favorite arch rival.


On your drive home…


…make sure to maintain control.

And when you get home…


…have a small snack before dinner.




And after you eat, make sure you start a pop stand.  So you can blow it up.


Bitter Pop Stand Ben


















60 thoughts on “Let’s Blow this Pop Stand

  1. Just have to mention that my dad was one of the few suckers who owned a Delorean in the 80’s. One of the doors (wings) fell off…in Houston…in the middle of traffic. When a midlife crisis goes awry: Delorean. 🙂


  2. I bet that guy who did that back-flip won’t pop up anytime soon. And I just can’t believe you fired Marissa. But thank goodness you rehired her (its Friday, and no one should get fired on a Friday) so that you could fire her on a whim on Monday. I think.


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