Overkill Friday Giftures

Ever have one of those weeks where there has been so many things going on that your head is going to explode? I had to go to work ALL 5 days, I had to get off the couch at home like 3 times, and one time I actually had to leave the house.  I had to leave the house so I could eat a hamburger at Red Robin, for my birthday.  Can you believe it? Ughhh…This is what I call overkill.  Even the amount of blog posts I did this week were too many. All that typing.  All of you having to read.  So I decided to do another one just so you can experience overkill just like me.  You know who else had overkill this week? These guys:


,,,pull up a table.

…pull up a table.


Grab a fork…

...me too.

…and try some appetizers.


Try a little mac n cheese…

...alright I'll have some more.

…the cheesiest.


Fall in love….


…with some tacos.


Enough food yet? How about some entertainment…


...how a bout a little fireside?

…let’s get fired up for some Karate!


Or some amazing…


…Cirque du Soleil.


Not enough? How about some…


…pyrotechnic fireworks?


Let’s speed things up…


...some Fast and Furious?

…and do some Fast and Furious.




...fast and traineous...

…some even faster and traineouser…


Or the even faster…

...some Fast and Spaceous.

…Fastest and Spaceousest.


I don’t know about you…


…but I just wanna come home and learn some quantum physics just before falling restlessly awake for the rest of the night.

So who is with me? Who wants to overload themselves to the point of insanity? Who wants to be bothered constantly, consistently for 27 hours at day 367 days a week? Not enough? Well then join me for some…



…desert overkill.



Bitter Overkill Ben


41 thoughts on “Overkill Friday Giftures

  1. Oh man… I think you need some rest!

    I can relate. The kids have been off all week…I’m at the brink of insanity too. Fortunately, they go back to school tomorrow *Does happy dance*

    Oh! And that spider gif *Shudder* I think I might be up all night thinking about that!


    • You guys have the same spring break week we have then, because my kids were off all week and so we became the neighborhood hang out spot. Our trampoline had like 7 kids on it, which I was hoping would break and they would all just go home. I’m surprised my wife didn’t have a mental breakdown.
      Sorry about that spider gif. I know how you kind of like to have good dreams every once in a while.

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      • Haha! 7 kids on a trampoline?! I’m surprised it didn’t collapse! And your poor wife, I feel her pain… Spring break is a pain in the behind! :-/

        That’s okay… I only had a few spider-related nightmares! 😮


        • Yeah, everyday I came home there was a new kind of cluster that I just couldn’t believe. I just closed my eyes and hoped they would all go away. I felt for her too. Our most annoying neighbor that my son is friends with came over four separate times in one day. He’ll be one annoying salesman when he grows up.


  2. If I fall asleep by 3 am I’ll still get 4 hours of sleep…
    If they gave out Olympic medals for calculating how much sleep you will get while suffering from insomnia, I’d have the GOLD, baby!


  3. I’ll have you know that I was just getting used to the prospect of Saturday griftures from you and went online every minute to see when they would appear. The fact that they did not show up until just recently on a Sunday has put me into such a state that I think I have to schedule an emergency session with my therapist. I’m sending the bill to you directly.


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