Water We Doing Bitter Friday Giftures

My favorite thing to do at work is chatting and chilling with my co-workers. Who needs headphones or distracting work when you can absentmindedly trade small talk with your co-workers. The day wouldn't feel complete without having to get off your headphones so you can answer such questions as, "Good morning". I feel like I'm … Continue reading Water We Doing Bitter Friday Giftures

Home Schooling Bitter Friday Giftures

  Most of you probably figured out on my Wednesday post that the going on a game show was a stupid April Fool's Day joke. I blame the stupid virus thing for ruining not only the lives of millions of people around the world, the loss of millions of jobs, and wrecking economies, but also … Continue reading Home Schooling Bitter Friday Giftures

What does your work computer do on weekends?

I guess there are some people out there that love work so much, that they work weekends, even though they don't have to. I should know. My wife watches Hallmark movies, and that is the MO of every single bad boyfriend on that network. There are only 3 script types at Hallmark. Script number 1B … Continue reading What does your work computer do on weekends?

Work Flexibility

Much of my life is about routine. I don't take adventures to tall mountains even though they are mere minutes from where I live. I also don't go outside much, even though just a little glass and roof seperate me from that. Going outside doesn't excite me. The Great Indoors are what I crave. Why … Continue reading Work Flexibility

Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Video Games vs. Work

Just like in the video games we play, there is a constant battle of my time between playing video games and doing some sort of work. When crossing the battlefield of time wasters, who will be King of the Hill? The Battle of the Bad Back: My lower back is constantly hurting me. But what … Continue reading Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Video Games vs. Work

Friday “Why do we have to be here again?” Picture Bitterness

So Halloween happened yesterday, on a Thursday(in case you can't read calendars or are not the master of obvious like me).  This post is dedicated to all those who either forgot that it was Thursday yesterday and it was near impossible to drag themselves out of bed, or are like me and remembered, but don't … Continue reading Friday “Why do we have to be here again?” Picture Bitterness

Friday Work Pictures Bitterness

It's the beginning of another bitter day of work and I always like to start my day by saying, "Is it time to go home yet?" I mean really, the only thing I can't stand about my job is the 8 hours of work I have to do every day.  And the drive in, where I … Continue reading Friday Work Pictures Bitterness