What does your work computer do on weekends?

They love work more than vacation.

I guess there are some people out there that love work so much, that they work weekends, even though they don’t have to. I should know. My wife watches Hallmark movies, and that is the MO of every single bad boyfriend on that network.

There are only 3 script types at Hallmark. Script number 1B always starts the same. Girl works with boyfriend in big prestigious firm in the big city. They are both successful in their own positions in the company, but they want more. Girl is happy in her career, but feels like something is missing. Spoiler warning: (It is love. With a dude. That is more aligned with her values when she was a teenager growing up in her small town.)

The boyfriend is an oblivious career-minded dude that is fast-tracking lawyer, accountant, or high powered executive, that wants more career. He is already making bank, but wants to make more bank. He wants a partner that fits his busy schedule and is down for late dinners at fancy, quiet restaurants, and mostly wants to talk about how successful they are as a couple and how great of a fit they are (career-wise).

Just got rejected.

One day, career boyfriend invites her to the fancy restaurant, because he has an important question he wants to ask her. She excitedly thinks the proposal is finally coming, but when he finally asks her the important question, it’s “Who wants to move to Chicago to support me in my big promotion?”

Girl is devastated, and needs to recover emotionally when the needed change is offered up in the form of an unexpected call from a parent begging them to come home to save their Christmas tree farm(or restaurant or bakery, or small town bookstore). Girl tells almost fiancé that she needs to go home for a “day or two” to handle parent business.

She meets the old high school boyfriend, has to choose between city and small town, between boyfriend  that makes her miserable, and new boy who is too much of a hick now, and job in the city and working as a teacher in the less stressful environment of the new town.

As we know, she always makes the hard choice to be happy in her old environment with the boy she left in high school.

Hallmark movies are the most predictable plots on the planet. Almost as predictable as me writing about bitterness. What is more unpredictable is something I have a question about.

What do work computers do on the weekends?

What does a work computer do on the weekends?

I’m guessing it depends. If it is a laptop computer that stays at work, at a place where no one comes in on the weekends, and it is owned by some entry level worker that speeds out of the parking lot on Friday’s at 5:00 pm, it’s probably a party computer that rages quite hardy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if the computer is owned by one of those aforementioned Hallmark type bad boyfriends, I’m guessing he is either miserable, or the type of computer that is a workaholic like his owner.

I can just picture a super stressed non workaholic computer of bad Hallmark boyfriend that is so nervous about his boss always using him, that he breathes a huge sigh of relief whenever his boss shuts him for a second, only to freak out the next second he reaches to open his(or her)computer lid to do something more.

He or she is probably praying that Hallmark boyfriend happens to fall asleep doing some boring brief for his law firm, and accidentally shuts the lid, so they can rest for just a minute.

Hoping for them to fall asleep…

What do you think your work computer is doing on the nights and weekend? Or do you bring them home and make them work all the time?


Bitter Computer Weekends Ben


4 thoughts on “What does your work computer do on weekends?

  1. Wow, what a thoughtful piece! Thank you for voicing this completely valid and underrepresented concern. I always make sure to put my computer to sleep as soon as I head home because that’s what I hope my overlords would be kind enough to do to me, were the roles reversed.


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