Friday Work Pictures Bitterness

A bitter morning to all of you.

No bitter way to start the day.

It’s the beginning of another bitter day of work and I always like to start my day by saying, “Is it time to go home yet?” I mean really, the only thing I can’t stand about my job is the 8 hours of work I have to do every day.  And the drive in, where I have to think about the fact that I am going to be at work and how much work job avoidance is.

People think I have a lot of bitterness in my blog....

People think I have a lot of bitterness in my blog….

I may do a lot of avoiding of work at my job, but when it comes to my mind, it is working 25/8 to find the best bitterness around.  This mind of mine doesn’t mess around.  It is observing every bitter person, every bitter action. In addition to observing work bitterness, my mind is also climbing the highest ocean, and swimming the tallest buildings to find each and every morsel of bitterness in the world, or on a larger scale, the universe.  I do it because there may be someone who can’t read all my bitter words, but has the ability to read my mind.  That person should also be given the opportunity to want to punch me in the face, too.  This life is all about opportunity. You’re welcome mind reader.


How my planning goes every day.

As my service of sharing bitterness with everyone takes a lot of time, I find myself getting behind on tasks like doing work, listening to other people, and organizing things.  I usually spend about 7 hours and 59 minutes per work day in work avoidance, leaving only about 30-60 seconds to do the actual work I get paid for.  The last minute of the day is pretty hectic. I don’t know why I have a bad ticker, or so much stress in my life, but I think this strenuous part of my day is the cause.  I really think they should pay me more for all the work I do in those frantic 30 seconds at the end of the day.  It is EXHAUSTING.

A bitter Friday to everyone.  Only 72 hours until we have to come back and avoid work for another 7 hours and 59 minutes.


Bitter Hard Working Ben

57 thoughts on “Friday Work Pictures Bitterness

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  8. I love Friday mornings. I think anticipating the weekend is better than the weekend itself. (as I type it is Sundy afternoon, and the anticipation is working in the opposite direction…)


  9. Hey BB, I think you should open your own unemployment agency where you teach people how to get back into the workforce. You have a skill that hard workers need to utilize to cut down their workload by 7 hours and 59 minutes. Make it an instructional video so that you only have to work a couple of minutes and then just show all your customers the video. I would pay top dollar for your useful job avoidance tips. (And when I say top dollar, I mean the dollar on top of the stack of twenties.)


    • I was actually thinking of starting an agency where I help people with good jobs get unemployed. Then when that job becomes available, then I tell incompetent people to apply and I laugh at all the bitterness that ensues.


  10. I can see why you are so bitter. It’s hard to fill 8 hours with work avoidance every day. There are only so many coffee breaks I can stand, although I often get to linger with a very meaningful conversation with What’s-His-Name in the break room. There’s Internet surfing, of course, then clearing the browsing history. That takes some time. Today, for example, I was looking for a new hairstyle. Serious business. Sometimes I get tricked into attending a meeting, which lets me slide into daydreaming and doodling mode. It’s a good thing they are paying me, but not nearly enough for all this work.


  11. I’m exhausted reading your post! 😉 That’s a lot of bitter work going on in that little head of yours. And then to top it all off with a grueling 30 seconds of real work every single day…sheesh! Maybe you should alternate days or something. You’re clearly overworked!


  12. Glad to see you Equal Right To Bitterness extends to possible mindreaders.
    But I’m puzzled …. surely you don’t take weekends off? I mean, you’re categorising your bitterness right? It doesn’t end with the working week?


  13. This morning on the train ride in I was late because of freight train traffic. The whole point of my taking the train is to avoid the traffic I’d ordinarily sit in. Now I’m multitasking between doing work slowly and not doing any work at all.


  14. Love this! Sounds like my schedule’s a lot like yours: “spend about 7 hours and 59 minutes per work day in work avoidance, leaving only about 30-60 seconds to do the actual work I get paid for”


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