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Most of you probably figured out on my Wednesday post that the going on a game show was a stupid April Fool’s Day joke. I blame the stupid virus thing for ruining not only the lives of millions of people around the world, the loss of millions of jobs, and wrecking economies, but also ruining my favorite holiday of the year, April Fool’s Day. Most of the normal businesses didn’t attempt to do any jokes, including one of the best, Google. Tip of the hat to you, Corona for ruining everything.

On to another sore subject. The homeschooling. We have been doing it since March and it is starting to take a toll. First of all, to all the teachers dealing with these kids, I’m so sorry. They are kind of the worst. Second, to parents the parents that are still working out of the home and still trying to manage kids, sorry as well.  And third, those with more than two kids, I can’t even. I’m just…. Anyways, I guess some teachers like my son’s 6th-grade teacher just likes punishing us with so much work, it isn’t even funny. We spend like 6-8 hours helping him, and he’s in 6th grade. Goodness, gracious. Do you know that his grades don’t even count on his permanent record? Just give him a half-hour of work and let’s just call it good. I could rant on this for hours, but who cares about that? Let’s just…Bitter Friday Gifture…

Every day after… 

tired jet lag GIF

…after completing his work.

Only to realize…


busy work work work GIF

…there is more, more, more!

Me at 5 pm…

swamp people work GIF

…realizing I still have work to do for my business.

I love working…

Animated GIF

…from one room to the next.

I used to come home to escape…

wandering kyle broflovski GIF by South Park

…now outside might be my escape.

I need some direction…

confused real life GIF

…could you tell me what day it is?

Am I in my house…

where am i hello GIF by Dream Corp LLC

…or are you tiny humans in my home?

Maybe it’s time…

Tyler Blackburn What GIF by Shark Week

…to abandon ship.

There are no kids…

Chasing Legendary Dudas GIF by Nickelodeon

…following us out there right?

If we hide…

illusion hiding GIF

…maybe the internet can’t find us.

And the teachers…

Work Office GIF

…can’t make us do any more work.

No more…

read beauty and the beast GIF


No more…

parks and recreation math GIF


Next week is Spring Break…

Working The Office GIF

…so we are going to ignore our kids and work on our own jobs!

It’s going to be a long, hard rest of the school year. Whoever invented 2020 was kind of rude and I think they need to stop April fooling us!


Bitter Home Schooling Ben


2 thoughts on “Home Schooling Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. I heard some woman pulled an April Fools prank, she pretended to cough and sneeze all over the produce, baked goods, and meat in a grocery store while telling other shoppers she was positive for COVID-19. Nobody laughed. The grocer is out $36,000 for food that had to be thrown away. She is facing charges and might go to jail. Moral of story: while COVID-19 is going on, do not pull pranks involving COVID-19. Duh!

    Good luck with the home schooling, Ben. I saw a meme the other day that said “First day of home schooling and already, one kid is in detention, one’s been expelled, and the principal is raiding the liquor cabinet.” 🙂


  2. Any way you can step out of the system and choose your own curriculum?(depends on your state) There are plenty good ones out there – and lots of resources. Individualized instruction can be a big bonus – go at your own pace and adapt ( just keep objectives in sight and don’t let too much slack creep in) One room school houses did work with assorted ages – Montessori knew that. One room school houses still exist in some remote areas – computers have helped quite a bit. Australia has used remote teaching for a long time – and sailboats have use programs like Calvert Education forever. Scholastic has online free stuff for most levels
    This is a funny post, but I feel your pain
    Honestly education has been stuck in old ruts and it’s about time something jarred it. With luck change.
    In any case, giggled over your descriptions. Hang in there, bitterly, and take care


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