Work Flexibility

Much of my life is about routine. I don’t take adventures to tall mountains even though they are mere minutes from where I live. I also don’t go outside much, even though just a little glass and roof seperate me from that. Going outside doesn’t excite me. The Great Indoors are what I crave.

Why go outside when your TV, computers, phones, tablets and VR exist? I think Ready Player One has the right idea (even though I’ve never seen the movie or read the book). I’m pretty unflexible about that.

I used to be a good athlete when I was younger and skinnier. It was easy to be that, when I was thin. Now I have several layers between my abs, and quite frankly my abs worked harder in my younger days, and are similar to me. They just want to sit on the couch and be lazy too. I tried to get in shape and do some of the yoga poses when the Wii Fit came out, but yoga is terrible. Come to find out I’m not very flexible.

Come to find out work and jobs aren’t very flexible either. How is it that we have to be flexible, like sometimes working weekends, covering for other people’s vacations, doing new and unlisted parts of the job description, but work isn’t flexible? Everytime we are gone, we have to be for fogiveness because we are late.

Or we have to beg to get any holidays or vacation.

Salaries don’t seem to be flexible either. Like why don’t they go up whenever we are doing more work per hour? Why don’t they get adjusted everytime we are a rock star at work? Why don’t we get more when we are working all day, and others are blatantly talking and sitting around?

Why can’t we lay off work whenever it doesn’t make financial sense to us? Maybe it isn’t me, but work that needs to take a yoga class and get more flexible.

What do you think? What about your jobs are inflexible? What should they change so they can meet our needs better?


Bitter Inflexible Ben


10 thoughts on “Work Flexibility

  1. Though this is funny, you make some very good points. My husband worked with someone who worked in the office across from him, and he could see that she was on eBay a good part of the day, yet they got paid the same. I worked with someone who was on Facebook every five minutes.


  2. I have the ultimate flexible job. I choose what work I want to focus on each day. I choose when to work. My office is wherever I need it to be. Because of the flexibility, I get to work out (even outdoors if I choose), have a hobby, and see friends. Of course, I don’t get paid in actual MONEY, so there’s that. 😉

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