If it’s not Scottish It’s Crap BFG’s

Ever seen Braveheart? You know how in that movie, William Wallace is this battle savvy warrior, and he confronts the English who keep tamping down their Will(iam) by just giving the Scottish lords pieces of land? You know how WW is constantly fighting against the lords and the king of England because he just wants … Continue reading If it’s not Scottish It’s Crap BFG’s

Bucket List

I've never been anywhere outside of North America. Not that I haven't tried. One time I was scheduled to go to Sweden with the rest of my family, but my wife decided that this would be a good time to meet me and be engaged and stuff. So, I ended up being the only one … Continue reading Bucket List

My Bitter Travels

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uneS6daoaYM Most of you could get a pretty good read of who I am as a person by reading what I put out on this blog (I.E. a penchant for laying on the couch and eating pizza), and judge me as lazy and you would be right.  However, if you said something like,"That guy probably … Continue reading My Bitter Travels

The Bitter Divide

Last night I was watching the X-Men: First Class and one of the many themes of the movie was divisions and what causes them.  At first, most of the X-Men are friends because of the mutual abilities that made the different/better than regular humans with no gifts.  The world isn't sure what to do with … Continue reading The Bitter Divide

Bitterest Place on Earth – Universal Studios – Part 6 The end

The last of an epic 6 part Universal/Disney Bitterness Series.  As long as this is to read, you will want to stick around until the the very end. Remember when you were young and, after toiling for 9 long months in the slammer (school) you were able to experience the first day of summer?  You … Continue reading Bitterest Place on Earth – Universal Studios – Part 6 The end

The Bitterest Place on Earth – Part 3 Epcot Edition

Each of the four Disney Parks have a symbol of the park, essentially not only the theme of the park, but also the center of the park.  Magic Kingdom is of course the princess castle, Animal Kingdom is a big tree (yes, a tree), Disney Studios(which we will talk about later) is the Magic Hat that Mickey wears in … Continue reading The Bitterest Place on Earth – Part 3 Epcot Edition

The bitterest place on earth – Animal Kingdom Edition – Part 2

I am okay with paying money for things that are such a great experience that I couldn't recreate them in my backyard or somewhere near home or do for free somewhere.  For instance, I'm pretty sure I couldn't build a rollercoaster in my backyard, or visit one for free somewhere.  So, I will pay for tickets to go to an … Continue reading The bitterest place on earth – Animal Kingdom Edition – Part 2

I’m leaving Bitterness

I'm packing up my bitterness in a suitcase and flying off to someplace a little sunnier.  As my parting gift to both of my loyal followers, and coal for those that don't read all the time, or don't enjoy reading it, I am leaving you with one last blog before I do my next blog … Continue reading I’m leaving Bitterness

Sign bitterness

Everyday I drive to work there are like a million signs(I started a count and by the end I just estimated) everywhere I look.  Sometimes while I drive I get so busy texting or reading my email that I don't have time to look up and ignore them, but the number of them are just mind boggling(or is … Continue reading Sign bitterness

Black Friday bitterness

    As I spoke previously about my bitterness about holidays and how we don't have enough, I have come to the realization that the reason why we don't have more holidays is because we don't appreciate the ones that we have.  Let's face it, how much do we really care about them?  I mean … Continue reading Black Friday bitterness

The few degrees of temperature between hot and cold bitterness

The temperature makes me so bitter.  You want to know why some people are so fascinated by the weather?  Yeah I would like to know too.  I am not a fan of small talk.  So how is the weather out there in Seattle?  I don't know look at weather.com!  Or read about it in your newspaper's extended … Continue reading The few degrees of temperature between hot and cold bitterness

The bitter Batman

Batman makes me so bitter.  I've got a beef with Mr. Bruce Wayne/Dark Knight man.  Look Mr. Wayne, I get that you are bitter like me.  Your parents were shot right in front of you.  That would be pretty tragic.  But let's be honest.  You have a lot of things to not be bitter about.  He has  pretty … Continue reading The bitter Batman

Mouse bitterness

Mice or rats or whatever you want to call them make me so bitter.  They are squeaky and they run all over your house infecting things and chewing up valuable clothing that is worn once and then stored neatly in the back of your closet never to be worn again. Have they not realized that … Continue reading Mouse bitterness

Food that makes me work bitterness

Food that makes me work makes me bitter. Food is necessary for survival right?  I assume if you are human and reading this blog you know that.  I know the cavemen needed to hunt for their food because apparently there were no grocery stores in Cave City.  (Couldn't they find it at the Cave Marketplace?) … Continue reading Food that makes me work bitterness