Empath Bitter Friday Giftures

Before I know much about what empath's were, I thought they were just people that read tarot cards and told you what your pet was saying. The more I see about them though, the more I think I'm one of them. I don't know if I meet every single one of the 15 requirements that … Continue reading Empath Bitter Friday Giftures

Me and Walter Elias Disney actually have something in common

  As you may not know, or care, I am in the bitter throes of anguish as I recently completed my short bit of schooling and am now searching for a job. Just so you know, in case you've never had this trouble, the only thing worse than having a job, is not having a … Continue reading Me and Walter Elias Disney actually have something in common

An Inside Review of the Outside of Inside Out

So it's been pretty hot outside for the last month or so here and by that, I mean it's been in the 90's and not rainy at all.  For most people that live in Cairo, you probably laugh and say, "HA HA. We live in a desert where sand and stuff gets in our eyes, … Continue reading An Inside Review of the Outside of Inside Out

The End of the Lines

I learned a few things on my vacation.  "The more the merrier" is totally untrue, you can never have too much pizza (actually wait, already knew that) and lines are the most destructive thing on the planet. Let me state that again very clearly.  Lines are the most destructive thing on the planet. DO NOT … Continue reading The End of the Lines

I’m here to ruin your day

  You know how optimists (or optometrists I can never tell the difference) always try to find the one little positive thing in even the darkest moments of your life? Well, I'm here to flip the script on that, and find the bitterest things in even your shiniest moments. I'm here to put some gloom … Continue reading I’m here to ruin your day

My Bitter Rivalry with Minnie Mouse

Ever since I was a little child, I've always had a deep down bitterness for all things Disney.  Fact: The main character of the Disney empire is a mouse. You know, those verminous creatures that eat all your food, poop all over your pantry, and spread all kinds of disease like the black plague?  When … Continue reading My Bitter Rivalry with Minnie Mouse

Lost causes and Lost Bitter Posts Disney Chronicles Part 2

When I was 5 or so, my younger brother and I had just got some new pajamas.  Since I was the older and more bitter brother, of course, I got Superman and he got Batman pajamas.  Since I was imbued with all the superpowers of Superman, I didn't need my parents help for anything, so … Continue reading Lost causes and Lost Bitter Posts Disney Chronicles Part 2

Random Acts of Bitterness

Most people I know want to make a difference in their lives.  I do too, but between my  B.I.T.T.E.R. School of Bitterness, my amusement park,Bitterland, this blog, which has the potential to be read by 10's of people, and my Bittertising Agency I have multiple avenues to affect the people of this world.  Most people don't have these vast … Continue reading Random Acts of Bitterness

School carnival bitterness

As you have may have read in the past, I am a Demusement park owner.  Disneyland was a place modeled after my park Bitterland.  The difference is that at Bitterland, I deliberately have disdain for my customers and I am honest about it, while Disney tries to hide the fact that it only loves your … Continue reading School carnival bitterness


According to the calendar, it should be springtime.  After spring, usually there is this season called Summer.  Summer is famous for many things, like scathingly hot weather(except in Seattle), drought, kids not being in school (causing apathy and laziness), forest fires, bugs, sunburns, overpriced and terrible summer movies, and overpriced and terrible amusement parks(in other … Continue reading Bitterland