Bitter Christmas Gremlins

I have a pretty outstanding sense of direction. I can almost always tell where I am and where I need to go. It was always something built inside me and something I have tried really hard not to develop at all. Whenever I have been somewhere once, I can almost always find it again without … Continue reading Bitter Christmas Gremlins

The Dark Side of Bitter Friday Giftures

  As you all know, the first day of Winter was a few days ago and you know what that means. Darkness. More and more hours of darkness. In my opinion, daytime is super overrated. People can clearly see what you are doing, activities happen during the day, work and driving are more common, and … Continue reading The Dark Side of Bitter Friday Giftures

The White Elephant Bitter Blog Post

You know it's your favorite time of the year.  Not the shopping, or the crowds or hullabalu.  Not the television specials, or cheesy ads, or the egg nog.  Not the parties, at least the party part.  The party where you get to exchange White Elephant Gifts.  The excuse  you have to wrap up some garbage … Continue reading The White Elephant Bitter Blog Post

How to Solve Your Bitter Energy Crisis

This last Saturday, I was convinced that I was the only person in the tri-state area(Washington, Canada, and Portland) that thought that I would be able to walk in at 9:00 am(or a little after) for the 9 am doorbuster to a get the new Call of Duty game I only kinda wanted for $19.99 at … Continue reading How to Solve Your Bitter Energy Crisis

In case you missed it…because you were playing with your shiny new toys

Lot's of people got shiny and new stuff in the last few days.  Shininess and brightness can be distracting as babies and cats know.  Even I get distracted by laser pointers.  I've been known to chase them from time to time (meaning always).  By chase I mean with my eyes.  And by lasers I mean … Continue reading In case you missed it…because you were playing with your shiny new toys

Bitter Anticipation

It is days like this, the day after a vacation, holiday or break when I don't feel like working, moving or even breathing, or days like this that feel like a combination of the listlessness of Monday, the overwhelmingness of Tuesday, and the desperation of Thursday, that I realize why I am such a bitter time off anticipator.  Call … Continue reading Bitter Anticipation

A Bitter Christmas to All, and To All a Bitter Christmas

Come on in, there's plenty of room.  Have a seat by the fire.  Arizonians and Brazilians with your shorts and T-shirts, you are in the corner, where the bitter draft comes in.  North Dakotians, Russians and Canadians(and other northerners) with your parkas that could keep you warm in Anarctica, keep your thermal gloves, thermal underwear and your earmuffs on … Continue reading A Bitter Christmas to All, and To All a Bitter Christmas

In case you missed it…because you were entranced by a Yule Log

I hope all you completely deserving people that don't have to work Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday, don't have anything bad happen to you, like a Yule log smog incident, or a sleigh slaying, a snowball fall, or a frozen hose.  That would be a tragedy if that happened.  Because you know that … Continue reading In case you missed it…because you were entranced by a Yule Log

Friday Bitter Pictures – Naughty List Edition

He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows when you've good or bad, so be good for goodness sake.  Stalker!  So you watch me sleep?  Did the NSA put you up to this? Sounds like you should be on the naughty list!  It's that day of the week where we get … Continue reading Friday Bitter Pictures – Naughty List Edition

Friday Picture Busy Bitterness

For some reason this time of year seems to be busier than almost every other time of the year.  There seems to be all kinds of parties, get togethers, gatherings at malls, and tidings of bitter cheer on Facebook.  How is a guy supposed to slack off at work when more people seem to be demanding that things … Continue reading Friday Picture Busy Bitterness

The Bitter Ben Holiday Variety Hour and a Half Special

Remember gathering around the Tube of many colors as a family when you were a kid?  Remember those old Holiday Special Variety Shows that celebrities did on television where they would decorate a tree or have a snowball fight(I especially enjoyed when the snowball fight went just a little too far) or sat around opening presents?  All so they had the excuse to sing Holiday … Continue reading The Bitter Ben Holiday Variety Hour and a Half Special

Bitter Gift Friday Pictures

It's that time of year when having lots of friends and family really doesn't pay off.  The dreaded, "Oh man, I have to get a gift for that person that is considered my friend, but I barely talk to him? Oh my gosh, he got me a gift and now I have to go and … Continue reading Bitter Gift Friday Pictures

Bitter Dreams Toy Company

When I am asked to give a speech at seminars, usually as the Principal of the B.I.T.T.E.R. School of Bitterness, I don't prepare.  A long time ago, I would pore over notes, walk around talking to myself and even have dillusions of more than my parents clapping at a rousing speech that I would give.  Then … Continue reading Bitter Dreams Toy Company

Download bitterness

Last night I was on my Xbox downloading some DLC (extra content for those not in the know) for one of my games called Saints Row IV(I think they Romans call that 4).  It was making me bitter because it was taking 614 MB's more than an hour and a half to download.  I'm no computer expert … Continue reading Download bitterness

Bitter Scariness

This is the time of year I dread.  People are dressed up in costumes, offices are doing their best to immitate living in an overgrown batcave, and worst of all people are being encouraged to eat differently than other times of the year.  That's right, October is the month we celebrate World Vegetarian's Day(at least you … Continue reading Bitter Scariness

Day after Bitterness

I am a bitter forward thinker.  A bitter visionary.  While others are thinking about things that make them bitter in the present, I am looking forward to things that will make me bitter in the future.  I don't look at the past and stew over past bitterness or live in the moments bitterness like most … Continue reading Day after Bitterness