Bitter Gift Friday Pictures

It’s that time of year when having lots of friends and family really doesn’t pay off.  The dreaded, “Oh man, I have to get a gift for that person that is considered my friend, but I barely talk to him? Oh my gosh, he got me a gift and now I have to go and get just the right type of bad gift for him?  Can’t I just regift what he got me and pretend like I just got the same thing?”  I am only good at one part of the Bitter gift giving art.  (I think you can guess which one.)  If you need help with the gift part, you are way better off going to a website or person that cares about those type of things.  But if you want to talk the bitter part, you are in the right place.



Make sure to dress your finest.

Family picture time!



Always time for wishes

Taking the time to spend the very least.



Whether she is a shoe lover, or she wants an Iphone, this will disappoint both.

Whether she is a shoe lover, or she wants an Iphone, this will disappoint her in both ways.




It was cheap AND I didn't have to wait in line for it.

It was cheap AND I didn’t have to wait in line for it. Plus…pink power button.




The graphics on this one are amazing.  They have at least 8 pixels.

The graphics on this one are amazing. They have at least 8 pixels.


Set course for 2945...

Set course for 2945…







109 thoughts on “Bitter Gift Friday Pictures

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        • Like that dude said in the first Matrix movie (which should’ve been the ONLY Matrix movie)…Ignorance is bliss.
          Then you look at the character who said that….

          I honestly don’t even know what I’m talking about right now, to be honest. Too much Christmasy stuff today and my brain is malfunctioning.


        • You might hate me for this, but I only played about five minutes of Gears of War….
          And I do a lot of gaming, so please don’t hold it against me!
          Well….I do a lot of gaming when I have time, which is nonexistent at the moment. So I WOULD be gaming (probably getting back into Diablo III) if I had the time. Wow, I’ve said gaming about fifteen times (and time(s) a lot as well).

          I THINK I need to go to sleep or something…


        • I tried to play GoW with my husband and I think what turned it into a no-go was that they separated our characters. I just get frustrated over mandatory separations in couch co-op. They make me more angry than what’s probably acceptable…
          I’m glad you don’t hate me. 😀


        • Course I don’t hate you. I’m just happy when someone is a gamer in general. I think you seperate for a little bit, but I get it when you aren’t with your co-op partner. I had a crew of four, so it made it really fun.


        • 😀

          Well, my husband and I have a pretty fantastic system down for gaming. He runs out, I stay back and make sure he doesn’t die. Then I run out, and it keeps going that way. So needless to say, when we get separated in games together, I have a miniature panic attack…

          Maybe it would be better playing that with four people.


        • That is a great system and works way better than our 4 man team. We usually all try to go out front and there is never anyone to watch the back. It reminds me of a kid’s soccer game where all the kids congregate around the soccer ball and no one plays defense.


        • Haha.
          I was going to say that you needed someone hanging back (not that you needed, but that it would be helpful), but then I realized one person probably couldn’t keep three other people alive anyway.
          You know…I’ve always wanted to game with more people. Apart from one night of my husband and I LAN connecting with two friends to play L4D2, I never have.
          Unless you count playing Borderlands 2 with a friend that will make you never want to game with other people ever again…….
          The un-ruinable game was ruined for me after a few months of that. :/
          Meh, different gaming styles and all that.

          And none of this is counting Final Fantasy XI, which I spent waaaaaaaaaay too much of my life playing many moons ago.


        • I tried Borderlands 1 and someone ruined it for me. Must be something about playing that game with others that ruins it. It might have something to do with the fact that I was like level two and he was level 60, and he was killing fools and I was getting beat up by the ants in the sand.
          I started Final Fantasy XIII (the non online one) and just couldn’t get into it. I did love Final Fantasy X though. Epic Game.


        • What in the world were you doing playing that with the level gap?
          Yeah, I can definitely see how that would ruin it. And maybe there is just something about that game. Or maybe it’s the people you/we tried to play it with.
          My husband and I are very…..POLITE gamers (“Do you want this?” “You take it”), so it can be a bit frustrating playing with other people.

          PLEASE don’t get me started on FF. I won’t write mini-novels about it. I will write an entire book on your comments.
          But I WILL say that VII has been my favorite game since….forever.


        • I happened to be playing with a friend of mine that was playing at a much smaller level gap, but another of his friends hopped on and decided to use his huge level dudes. Before I had any idea what was going on, I was in over my head.
          Let’s not dramatize you over your FF experience. We wouldn’t want the Evil Queen Overlord of Torture of Innocent Creatures to get mad. I’ll just imagine what you would write your FF book about in the most glowing of terms.


        • Your friend’s friend sounds like a jackass. Sorry if he’s not. But that just seems rude. (‘Yeah, let me run along behind you while you kill everything and I run around!’)

          Haha, no I love FF. I mean, yeah, I can point out a lot of bad things about nearly all of them (especially the newer ones). I just think they’ve been needlessly complicating them. Otherwise, they’re amazing.
          But with XIII…that final boss battle….I don’t…just…gah!


        • FF is famous for their boss battles. I remember several in the FF 10 that I can still remember for their amazingness. I have no doubt that FF XIII was amazing.

          My friend was pretty mad at his friend for doing it because he knew it soured me on it, and he was looking forward to playing it with me. And in fact, I don’t think I heard a word from him since.


        • Being a ‘completionist,’ I never want to fight the last boss battle in games. I usually get to JUST THERE in the story, then wander around doing whatever else I can. So…I never actually beat FFX (or VII, for that matter). But XIII? I don’t even…
          Other than that, it DID have it’s amazing points. It also had it’s not-so-amazing points.

          So you never actually played Borderlands, apart from that one time? You’re missing out. SERIOUSLY.
          We should play sometime!


        • I always hesitated before the end of games too, because I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want see something end and have to go play another game. Especially when I got so engrossed in the world.
          The end of FFX was a little confusing anyways, so maybe you were better off not finishing. All I know is that most movies didn’t have as good storytelling as some of the FF’s.
          No haven’t really played it much since. That would be fun to play sometime, unless you are like a level 55 and would leave me behind like my friends friend did. If you want to play, my Gamertag is DingyJester86. It was my assigned name but I loved it so much I kept it.


        • I just don’t like not getting everything 100%, which is pretty much impossible to do with FF.
          Yeah, I know what happens at the end of X, and it really is/was weird, even though I didn’t beat it myself.
          And this is very true about the FF/movie thing.

          LOL, I wouldn’t play it with a level 55 character. I’d start a new one. Are you talking Borderlands 1 or 2?
          I’d be all for playing sometime, just let me know when. Even though I’m trying to play the catch-up game at the moment, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for me to take a few breaks every now and then.
          I WOULD feel bad about you having to actually talk to me, though… >.>
          And that is a pretty awesome Gamertag. XD


        • In X, I did quite a few things before I cleared it up. I did get the extra, uh what were they called? Those big helper guys like Ifrit or something like that? There was one that had three sisters and I think one was a bee or something? Those were fun to use.
          I only have Borderlands 1, so only that one. Do you usually play late? I usually play games from 10-12 most nights, but I’m on the west coast.
          I got the Xbox One for Christmas, so I moved the 360 over to our other room. If you want to give me your gamertag, I’ll friend request you. If not, just message me. And yeah, it is an awesome gamertag. It would be Bitterben if it wasn’t that.


        • I think they’re called Aeons in that one. I always just call them summons.
          The Magus Sisters, yes. And yes, one of them definitely had a stinger on her butt.
          I was playing X again earlier this year, actually. I wish I had the time for it now…

          You ask if I play late, but the problem is that when I’m gaming, I usually do it for days at a time (that’s the way I do anything – focus on it and don’t do anything else).
          I wanted to ask you when you were wanting to play Borderlands. And my husband wanted to know if he could play too. haha
          I can be on there whenever, as long as you let me know beforehand (and as long as I’m awake at that time). And where can I message you?
          I haven’t been on there to add you yet, but you can go ahead and send me an invite. Gamertag is: Chellerton 🙂
          I suppose you can guess my name with that! Maybe, possibly. 😛

          How is the Xbox One? We’re too broke for it at the moment…


        • That’s right the Aeons! I knew I could count on your to figure out the name of those Bee sisters!
          I might be able to play after 10 (west coast!) tonight my time. Which is either two or three hours earlier than you, right?
          You can text me at 425-999-7530 or tweet me or whatever.
          I just sent you a friend request last night before I went to bed, so I guess you just need to acknowledge. Do you want me to message your husband too? If so, let me know.
          I promise I won’t look at your gamer tag and try to figure out your name. And I promise I won’t tell anyone else about your gamer tag.


        • Haha, playing X again this year doesn’t hurt with remembering names. But out of all the things I forget (which is pretty much everything, to be honest), I remember useless facts from video games and the like…

          I finally got on Live last night because it was too freaking cold to be out in my shed. It’s still a little too cold tonight, but at least it’s not like it was yesterday. Anyway, the point of saying all that is that we need to figure something out!
          Btw, I can’t believe you posted your phone number on the internet, haha.


        • I heard how cold it was out there. Yeah, I put my phone number on the internet, but honestly, it is a tiny corner where no one will ever find it. If I got one call from it, it would be more that people call me now. I barely ever use the phone feature of my phone anyways. We need to figure something out yeah. I’m just not sure when you are in your shed and I’m online. That is the tricky part. Also apparently we need to decide on a game we can all play.


        • Yeah, it was ridiculously cold here the other day. Or…a week ago, or whenever it was.

          I’m almost always in my shed if I’m awake, but if we can ever figure out what we’re doing game-wise, I’m just a text away. 😛


        • Well, I’m usually NOT playing games, so you can just assume that I’m either sleeping or in my shed and that a text would be required.

          I really don’t know what was up with that the other night. Husband checked the status and it said it wasn’t hidden, so I just don’t get it. :/


        • Perhaps when you are playing you are not starting up XBox live. For most games you don’t need it unless you are playing with other people online. Since you usually play with your husband, he is probably the Xbox live account and you are another profile on it. Like on mine, I am the account holder and my kids all have profiles but theirs won’t show up online, only me. I think if I was friends with your husband I would be able to see when he is online. No big whop, I’m sure if I invite you, it will work.


        • They are both pretty big game changers. Destiny is done by the people’s that did Halo. It sounds huge. And Titanfall you can control Mech’s and be on the ground etc, so you are constantly switching back and forth. They sound pretty awesome.


        • Do you ever watch or read what happens at E3? That is when they announce all the huge games and system updates every year. It is usually around the end of May or early July. Best time of the year for gamers. At least announcement wise.


        • Not really, to be honest.
          I kept up on things decently well on my own before Husband and I met, but now I don’t need to waste the time because he just tells me everything. haha


        • Do you actually like your birthday?
          I can’t stand when mine rolls around. I just get more unhappy about it every year, but it is kind of nice to have finally caught up with the age I FELT like (or getting closer to, because I’m getting closer to 80 every day) . . .

          I normally hate the lulls in things coming out (like movies), but the lulls are kind of nice when you’re broke. haha


        • I used to love my birthday so much more. Nowadays it seems like I like it less and less. Now, it is pretty much I work and I get a cake and people bothering me all day about it, and then get home and all my siblings try to call and wish me a happy birthday and by the end of the day I’m exhausted.

          I think the lulls give me time to complete games I haven’t gotten to. It seems like video game companies could spread them out a little though especially in the summer when kids are playing more anyways.


        • At least you get cake?
          I LOVE CAKE.

          Yes, the lulls definitely give time to catch up, which is nice. I get them releasing them when they do the most though – right before the holidays, and it’s winter so people will be inside. But yes, I think summer is good too with all the kids off school and whatnot.


        • Well my birthday is coming up in April, so when I get some cake I’ll send you some. (Especially if it is carrot cake.)

          We would be so much better gamers if we both didn’t work so hard.


        • Maybe your birthday cake from April will get here by my birthday in May. 🙂

          I would be so much better at a lot of things if I didn’t work hard.

          I say that, but it’s totally not true, haha.
          What would you like to be better at (apart from gaming)?


        • Hopefully your cake will be just as tasty as when I eat most of it. When in May is your birthday? I think spring/early summer birthdays are the best. There is just something about that time of the year that makes our birthday so much better.
          What would I like to be better at? Besides writing and video games? I would like to be better at making money, also being handy. My wife is way more handy than I am, and knowing how to do stuff would save me a lot of money. I would also like to be better at working out and speaking at parties. Not enough to go to more, but just enough to feel semi comfortable at a party enough to not want to leave right when I got there.


        • Haha, hopefully so.
          It’s in early May. When in April is yours?

          I would probably agree with that statement on the time of year thing, if I ever did anything for my birthday. But I don’t like presents or making a fuss, and the latter kind of eliminates possibilities.

          Haha, making money. Wouldn’t we all?

          I keep hoping that one day I’ll find some sort of physical thing I enjoy doing that doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money, involve people seeing me, or involve horrible bugs (TICKS, GAH). I do like hiking, but not with the last bit.

          Do you go to many parties?


        • Mine is April 9th. It is, in my opinion, one of the better times of the year. Our fiscal year finally ends at the end of March, the weather is usually starting to clear up, lots of exciting things are happening in basketball, there is a general chill at that time of year for me. The day itself isn’t always the best like I mentioned before, but I love the time of the year. May wouldn’t be bad at all for most of those reasons.

          I don’t go to many traditional parties, but church parties, like the ones at the church, but I don’t like going because of the having to talk to people thing. There aren’t that many people that I really relate to and most of them have other friends they like better anyways.


        • You’re totally right about all the things going on around that time. I guess I just hadn’t really thought about it.
          GAH Basketball.
          Do you watch NBA or college?

          Spring IS really fantastic.

          Is there nobody there that has similar interests with you (apart from the church-going aspect)?
          I wish I could say, “You’re joking,” about the ‘other friends they like better’ thing, but . . . I totally get it.


        • I mostly just watch my NBA team the Spurs. Though this year has been particularly hard to watch with them coming so close to winning it all last year. I just do some spot checks throughout the season, then start in earnest watching them in the playoffs. Though I get so riled up about them, that sometimes I have to not watch.

          There are a few people, I like, but I think that we just need a change of scenery. Our whole family wants to move and we could all use a fresh start. Anyways, we are hoping in May or June to start looking in earnest for a job there and possibly having me just move there and live with my parents or her sister before while being there to find a job. Then they would come when the house gets in order. We’ll see.


        • I don’t watch NBA, but I’ve seen bits of a few games. All I usually watch is UK games. I try not to say that anywhere because I don’t want to hear anything about it (and I typically try not to say anything about anything that would cause crap I don’t want to deal with). I watch pretty much every game, apart from when I’m sleeping while they’re on. I get riled up sometimes during them as well.

          You’re thinking about moving back home?
          I definitely understand that feeling – of needing a fresh start.
          And I can especially understand why you’re wanting to do that when you’re so unhappy with your job. At least you’d have family to support and help you out during/with that.
          I hope you’re able to find a job you’d like better there and that everything works out the way you want it to. Life is pretty s***** sometimes, so you have to think good karma will eventually roll around and cut you a break.
          I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you (I guess for the next several months). 🙂


        • It’s funny about basketball. I don’t get to talk about it much, but when I do with someone that cares about it, I sometimes go overboard with it. Breaking down plays, etc. Whenever I run into a Spurs fan, I always start talking about them, quizzing them, to see how much of a fan they are. What’s funny is that I can remember plays from certain important games from 20 years ago when I couldn’t remember what I read in a book 20 minutes ago. I just wish I could remember things that were important, like stuff I learned in school etc. I guess you remember stuff you are passionate about huh?

          I think it would be nice to be closer to home where there was a little more of a support system. And the sun, it would be so nice to see some of that every once in a while. It would also be nice for my kids to be around their cousins a little more.

          Thanks for the wishes on the job. I just wish I had some skills that would be valuable to companies. It is such a pain to look for jobs, and worse even to do interviews. There is almost nothing on earth I like less than doing interviews. But I’ve gotta suck it up if I want a new job…


        • I don’t get to talk about anything I enjoy much, to be honest. But yes, I know what you mean about going overboard. Maybe we do that due to the lack of talking about it? Like maybe if we talked about it with people more often, the overboard thing wouldn’t happen?
          Great, now I’m thinking about the movie Overboard. >..< it makes you feel. Then the waiting. Well, just all of it.
          I'm PROBABLY not helping with that right now, so I'll stop with it and say, "I'm sure you'll do great, and I have every faith that it will all work out for you."
          I don't know what 'every faith' means right now (apparently my brain isn't working because I can't find a better way to put it), but I'm sure you get the idea. XD


        • People are so rude sometimes. Can’t they just want to talk about things that we want to every once in a while. Why do we always have to listen to their crap all the time? Anyways, it’s just annoying always pretending to care about other people’s stuff when you actually have something you want to talk about every once in a while.

          Thanks for having “every faith” in me. That is what is going to get me through. (Tell you brain thanks even though it isn’t working right now.) My brain gets the idea.


        • I’ll admit that I have a problem that causes me to ramble about myself (have you noticed??). A lot of that is because I never really do much talking to people and I think it just builds up and spills out whenever anyone says, “Hello.”

          I don’t really have TOO much of a problem with being forced to be around people who are talking about things I have no interest in, mostly because I don’t waste the time. I rarely interact with people I’d have an issue with hearing what they’d have to say. My problem is that I always feel the need to touch on EVERYTHING said, just to be like, “Hey, I heard you. This is what I think about it.” Which is how I get back to the rambling.
          I don’t even know if this is related. Brain again. >.<

          I'm sure if I was going to social gatherings, this would be different and I'd be forced to deal with what you were talking about dealing with. But I'm socially inept now and would probably just walk away rather than stand and smile like I would have at some point in the past. Have you tried the walking away thing? Ain't got time to waste!

          Haha, I'm glad the every faith will get you through. XD


        • I think what you do is similar to me in that I like to spill everything I know about a subject because there are few things I feel 100% confident in talking about so when I do I want to get everything out. I feel frustrated when things subject hop really quickly.
          If I had my way, I would always avoid people and talking and going out. My wife is always trying to get me to get out of my comfort zone and attend stuff and talk to people that i normally don’t talk to and get together with other couples. I try to do it for her, but really I’m okay with just hanging at home all the time.
          Perhaps in your next series of books you should use the “every faith” be with you phrase. HAHA


        • Yeah, I’ll say that’s a distinct possibility. I’ll also say that I just have very strong feelings/opinions about things and when they get brought up . . . all bets are off.

          Do you feel frustrated in subject hopping because it doesn’t give the time to actually TALK about it?

          I’m normally fine with being at home all the time, but I think it’s healthy to get out and I know I need to push myself out of my comfort zone (and my husband from his because he’s the same way with that).

          Haha, yes, I might throw ‘every faith’ in somewhere, if I haven’t already. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had.


        • Yeah, I do need to push myself to get out a little more, so I do when I need to. Maybe if I just had an avatar and a controller I would be much more comfortable attending parties. If I could just have a choice of witty things to say and parlor tricks to perform. Then perhaps have a few good stories, and doing it from my Xbox would be even better. One can dream I guess.


        • Nope not stupid. No stupid questions with me. Only stupid answers. One that comes to mind is Wall-E. Everyone gets so used to sitting and watching everything on a screen that they get fat and lazy. I think there was another one with Bruce Willis called Surrogate? Their avatars were out having fun, but they were just stuck to a machine seeing these things in virtual reality and they were just stealing people’s lives away. Those are just two that I can think of.


        • I know this isn’t the point of what you were talking about (you were talking about avatars), but I LOVED WALL-E. GAAAH

          I think I cried three times during it and there is hardly any speaking at all. I felt a bit ridiculous about that, needless to say. I blame it away with Disney Pixar and their tear-working skills.


        • Wall-E was a surprisingly good movie. And it had a lot of heart for a movie and a trash compacter and some humans that just about gave up. The one that makes me shed a tear everytime is Tangled. Every time I see her parents see her for the first time after 18 years, chokes me up every time. Having a girl and knowing that if she went missing my heart would break, and if I saw her 18 years later what a feeling would come over me.


        • Wall-E did have a LOT of heart in it. And you’re right. Trash compactor. Cockroach. Those humans. I just can’t believe I cried three times in a movie with hardly any talking at all. Then again . . . I cry at REALLY weird points in movies sometimes.
          Yeah, I think Tangled got me too. Maybe twice.
          And that would seriously be so horrible, with what happens in that.

          You know . . . this has me thinking about how depressing some of those movies actually are. The stories in them. I try not to think about it often.


  5. I don’t subscribe to any religion let alone any religious holidays, but what about us born-into-a-Jewish-family people? I mean, talk about bitter around these so-called merry, merry, ho ho ho holidays. Just saying….


  6. Snorts – yep that’s about right. I think I’m going to buy my human dad a biscuit. He has a fascination with them. He talks about biscuits all of the time when he scratches my hind quarters… something about how many biscuits I can fit now? I don’t understand it. Snorts. XOXO – Bacon


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