In case you missed it…because you were playing with your shiny new toys

It was too dark outside.

Shiny and interesting always beats dull and not interesting. 

Lot’s of people got shiny and new stuff in the last few days.  Shininess and brightness can be distracting as babies and cats know.  Even I get distracted by laser pointers.  I’ve been known to chase them from time to time (meaning always).  By chase I mean with my eyes.  And by lasers I mean television.  Because you can’t chase laser pointers from the couch while laying down with your eyes closed.  Trust me, I haven’t tried.  People kno All this research, takes no time from my schedule and

Things you missed this last week:

There were the Holiday Memories of White Ninjas, Discovery Channel T-shirts, crazy fluid gushing cars, in A Bitter Christmas to All, and To All a Good Night.

Then I talked about how I sabotage all vacations because I can’t just can’t stand the questions when I get back in Bitter Anticipation.

Then there was some Friday Bitterness Pictureness that I had to do from work.  Because I was working, on Friday the week of Christmas.  I’m not bitter about that at all.

The bitter twitter was pretty skinny this week, unlike me:

The comments came somehow even though everyone was busy.

From A Bitter Christmas to All, and To All a Good Night:

“Here’s a post-Christmas bitter memory: this year, one of my cousins got me dark chocolate covered edamame beans. I’m not even entirely sure what what they are, either.” Katie

“I was so entranced by this morning’s yule log, I almost missed your post! Uh, note to self: never do gift exchange with Ben.” Clever Girl

“And a bitter Christmas to you, too! We’re expecting lots of snow tomorrow and that will make me bitter…grrr!” Belle.Beckford

From Bitter Anticipation:

“See this is why I don’t do vacations. If it is not one thing it is another. It’s always something.” John W. Howell

“My favorite line: “So how was your vacation?” (It was good, until I had to come back and talk to you).
I do like my coworkers, but having to return to work and be asked such questions just reminds me of why I didn’t (never) want to return to work.
Hawaii looks like a very nice place to be bitter in.” 1 Write Way

“Vacations make me bitter because I always get sick. Take this vacation for example: The first week I was on a cruise and I spent the entire time gobbling motion sickness pills. Now that I’m in my second week, I have a cold. Nothing says vacation like nausea and copious amounts of snot.” Katie Renee

From Friday Pictures – The Clever Edition:

“I feel like I can see that horse guys exasperated face just from the slump of his shoulders. That horse is my hero. Also that guy who barely slips in through the door. Mad skillZ.” Aussa Lorens

“Bitter Ben I’m so sorry to be commenting, because you have just clearly said you don’t want to have contact with people. But I just wanted to say I know how you feel, so I hope we can be good enemies, or at least pretty darn indifferent towards each other. God luck in your quest.” Notavogon

“The bitter little girl is my favorite…I think we should recruit her for Chaos. She could be your minion.” Miss Tiffany

Annddd…There are some bonus pictures:

It's finally coming...

Why don’t more people watch this? So bitter…


Every day…

The errorists always win.

The errorists always win.

I’ve been trying to hit one forever….

I finally hit one...

I finally hit one!!

Can’t wait until I make 2014 even more bitter than 2013…

On a scale of 12-100, I'm going to have an 11 of a year.

On a scale of 12-100, I’m going to have an 11 of a year.

Make sure that you get distracted by shiny things or not so shiny things, because you should be doing anything else right now but reading this.  Take a nap, sit on a couch.  You might even want to do something productive instead of reading this, anything but the dullness on this blog.


Bitter Dullified Ben





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