Bitter Giving

Thanksgiving is in a few days, in case you forgot or don't live around where I do.  For many, it is a time to reflect about the sales you have to go to on Black Friday, before you cram as much food as you can down your turkey hole, watch football all day and do … Continue reading Bitter Giving

Things you are Bitterly Sick Of (Besides my Blog)

I'm sure some people are going to claim they had a good holiday and they got everything they wanted and did everything they wanted and got along so well with their families or had some good time away.  But as you know, being bitter is about thinking about things in a whole different way than … Continue reading Things you are Bitterly Sick Of (Besides my Blog)

The Bitter Owner’s Manual

  Some people I know like to build Legos.  Or rebuild engines.  Or fix computers.  Or put together furniture. Or mend relationships. For some reason, when they do these things, they think it brings some sort of order to the universe.  It doesn't.  What they don't know is that it brings something evil screaming into the … Continue reading The Bitter Owner’s Manual

Glutton for Punishment Giftures

Every afternoon, I leave my crazy job for a little bit and go to the break room.  I grab my smart phone and turn on the big screen TV and I watch that game show called Let's Make a Deal.  You know, the one where people dress up like deranged lunatics on Halloween so they … Continue reading Glutton for Punishment Giftures

Clothes need to start doing more

Smart phones are useful because they do like more than one thing.  They actually do like 3 things.  They text (with your permission, of course) they run apps, and they run the internet like a mini-boss.  If you have a cool smart phone and don't depend on it to ignore people on a regular basis, you … Continue reading Clothes need to start doing more

Bitter Sell Out Giftures

It's Friday, which means we can start talking about what makes us bitter through little moving pictures.  As you might now, the Super Bowl is coming up.  I guess I could avoid this thing that is annoying me by just turning the station, but in the last week, I think I've only heard like zero … Continue reading Bitter Sell Out Giftures


Wanna know why I'm your least favorite blogger?  Because I'm around.  ALLLL the time.  I'm clogging up valuable space on the internet that you could be using for trees, or pictures of your kids, or YouTube.  All day on YouTube and the video would move so much faster, if it wasn't for this guy that … Continue reading Bittermunity

Frustration Friday Giftures

Nothing is more frustrating than expecting something good and getting something bad.  Like when you expect to skip a rock, but not only does the rock not skip, but you throw it way short and it richochets off a bigger rock and it bounces back and hits you in the knee and causes you to go to surgery.  Or when you expect … Continue reading Frustration Friday Giftures

Looking in to the Bitter Future Giftures

BREAKING NEWS! This is your news anchor Captain Obvious! In what is unprecedented news, I've figured something out. We've done a calendar change and the year is now 2015. Do you know what that means? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? It means, Marty McFly and Doc Brown are going to be visiting Hill Valley … Continue reading Looking in to the Bitter Future Giftures

How to Solve Your Bitter Energy Crisis

This last Saturday, I was convinced that I was the only person in the tri-state area(Washington, Canada, and Portland) that thought that I would be able to walk in at 9:00 am(or a little after) for the 9 am doorbuster to a get the new Call of Duty game I only kinda wanted for $19.99 at … Continue reading How to Solve Your Bitter Energy Crisis

Bitter Friday Gifture Cleanse

Things have happened this week.  Things that may never be unseen.  Happy people talking about music, and presents and having fun with their families.  It has been hard to look at, hard to see.  Well, I can't take it anymore.  I need to cleanse my mind of all this cheeriness. Well, it is Friday now and … Continue reading Bitter Friday Gifture Cleanse

Bittervational Speech – Everyone is Better Than You

  It has been the purpose of this blog from the very beginning to help people overcome the heavy weight and burden of being happy all the time.  If you don't believe me, go alllll the way back to my very first, terribly written post that introduced the world (by world, I mean my family) … Continue reading Bittervational Speech – Everyone is Better Than You

Lost in The Future – Disney Studios Edition

There's been all kinds of things written about the future.  I don't know if you know or care, but when Back to the Future came out in 1985, 30 years in the future was 2015.  Back to Future got some of those things right and some way off.  No the Cubs still haven't won a … Continue reading Lost in The Future – Disney Studios Edition

Make a walk for the border of Friday Giftures

You know, there are all kinds of people running around these days.  The 5K's are almost unlimited in scope from tough mudder's to color runs, to neon runs to running in your undies to the zombie runs to even Krispy Kreme runs.  Then there are night runs, early morning runs, runs to the grossery store, … Continue reading Make a walk for the border of Friday Giftures

All in one Bitterness Device

  I've noticed lately that I'm not quite reaching all the people that I want to.  I don't know if Bitterness is dying just as much as leaves on all the trees around here, but it seems like this time of year, should bring bitterness about, not cause it to go into hibernation.  I looked … Continue reading All in one Bitterness Device

The Land of the Lost Bitter Posts – The Disney Chronicles

Hey Bitter Stalkers! I've got a really bitter true story to tell you. When I graduated from high school (don't laugh, bitter people graduate too. Cause teachers want them gone, duh!) I got a senior trip because my parents didn't want to get me a car.  So I decided to go to Cincinnati, because I'm … Continue reading The Land of the Lost Bitter Posts – The Disney Chronicles

The Lost Bitter Blog Posts Volume 1

I've been doing this blogging thing for over 2 1/2 years years now, and pretty regularly I might add.  When there are so many things I have to be bitter about, there has always been a wealth of subjects to choose from.  You've probably read a few posts and cringed thinking "Is it even possible … Continue reading The Lost Bitter Blog Posts Volume 1

Bitterly Bad Decision Monday

  I make really bad decisions on a daily basis, but when given two days of "freedom" on the weekend there are even worse decisions made.  For instance, this weekend there was the whole sleepover thing that lead to me going to bed at 9:40 pm Friday (the life of an old year old.) This lead me … Continue reading Bitterly Bad Decision Monday

The Rise of the Blanket Fort

  When I dream, I often dream big.  In the literal sense.  Back when I was in school, I would have these dreams about this ginormous school that had 8,000 classes and that would take a speed train just to get from one class to the other.  The lockers were the size of a house … Continue reading The Rise of the Blanket Fort