Bitter Friday Gifture Cleanse

Things have happened this week.  Things that may never be unseen.  Happy people talking about music, and presents and having fun with their families.  It has been hard to look at, hard to see.  Well, I can’t take it anymore.  I need to cleanse my mind of all this cheeriness. Well, it is Friday now and there is no bitter time than to try to start over with a fresh slate of bitterness.  So let the disastropy begin:

Let’s start by putting all our things on the desk…

...then clearing them the heck off.

…then clearing them the heck off.


Let’s clear our conscience…


…of our little secrets.


Let’s get someone really excited…

...then dash their dreams.

…then dash their dreams.


Let’s get really muddy…


…then almost run someone over.


Let’s get…


…our Jurassic’s kicked.


Avoid arrest by keeping…


…in your protective bubble.



Keep your friends close…

...and your enemies closer.

…and your enemies stepping.


Or avoid stepping…


…by falling upwards.


Of course if you want to avoid falling up the stairs… can take the bus.

…you can always take the bus.


Another alternate route would be to…

...take a dive in the icy blue sea.

…take a dive in the icy blue sea.


Or you could…

...ride the cow to work.

…ride the cow to work.


Though some kids…

...just prefer to ride their bikes.

…just prefer to ride their bikes.



Regardless of how you like to cleanse your mind of this bitter week, I would start right now.  Because the weekend is probably going to bring some sort of party that you don’t want to go to, or your job will force you to stay and work and party.  If you must, go to the top and repeat looking at these gifs so you can make it through all the gift giving.


Bitter Cleansed Ben



18 thoughts on “Bitter Friday Gifture Cleanse

  1. I’m confused. Were these images supposed to cleanse cheeriness so we could go back to enjoying our bitterness? Or of bitterness so we could enjoy our weekend? I did not feel particularly cleansed, but then I rarely do anything right. This time of year is actually prime bitter season. People love to hate Christmas! Ooh, that gives me an idea for a blog post… Thanks.


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