Casual Friday Giftures

I don’t know about you, but if I had the chance I would never wear clothes…that didn’t include sweatpants, short sleeve T-shirts and either bare feet, or if it was necessary to wear something on my feet, sandals.  Some companies try to make it seem like they are doing us a big favor by allowing us to wear casual clothes on Friday.  Aren’t they just so nice? But when I think of casual, I think shorts, sweats and sandals.  When they mean casual, they just mean we can substitute pants for other pants.  Shirts for other shirts. Shoes for other shoes.  I’ve never casually gone home and said “Hey let me get into something more casual like jeans and sneakers!”

Well here are some casual Friday Giftures for those that are tired of seeing Business Casual Giftures.

My neck hurts… I'm just gonna lay down right here.

…so I’m just gonna lay down right here.


After work I’m gonna go for a casual ride…


…over an electric fence.


Maybe I will take a short casual swim…

...with sharks.

…with the fishes.


Maybe this morning I’ll go grab a bite of casual breakfast…


…right after I have my casual morning heart attack.


Maybe try something new and casual…


…like swing dancing.


Maybe I will help mom…


… casually peel some potatoes.


Maybe I’ll go upstairs and hang out…


…nah, I’ve got things to do downstairs.


Maybe I’ll set a goal to be more casual…


…just kidding.  That would blow up in my face.


Maybe I will casually dance through the store…


…and casually grab a pair of shoes.


How can we invent a way to do things casually…


…while talking on the phone?  This way.



Alright guys, so in order to win this game we will…


….kick it way short, bouncing it off 22, then 45, then off the goal post and then casually drive to the pizza store.



Then for the commute home…


…we’ll take a casual ride home on the local missle after we take off that pesky shirt.


All in a casual day’s work.  Of course, casual day never works out like you want it to.  You always get work, feeling a little more comfortable, ready for a nap and then people ask you to do stuff. If I felt like working today, I would have gone Christmas shopping or to a party.  All I want to do is casually take a nap under my desk.  IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?

Bitterly and Casually not Working Ben

15 thoughts on “Casual Friday Giftures

  1. I can’t tell whether the guy-riding-a-rocket cartoon is from one I remember because it showed things like guys riding rockets, or from one I deliberately didn’t watch because it showed things like guys riding rockets.


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