Bitterly Intense Friday Giftures


Get on the SS

Get on the SS Bitter Intensity Train

Things are getting all intense up in here.  The NBA playoffs are finally here, crazy things are happening on Season Finale’s all over television, and even WordPress is making some insane decisions.  Probably about the time you read this, a post I did on my birthday entitled 41 Reasons to be Bitter will be appearing on the Freshly Pressed page.  In fact, things are so intense around the nation, that the snow is even starting to melt in the north and east.  It is a crazy train ride, so if you aren’t up for it, you best get off the SS Bitter Intensity Train.  For those that are staying on the train, get ready for some Intensely Bitter Friday Giftures.


Teach a kid how to fish…


...nope you're too slow.

…nah I’ll teach him how swim.


Too legit…


…too legit to hit.  Hey Heeeyyyy….


Don’t sleep on the…





There is no way I can lose….



…exceeept that way.


Don’t worry, I got this…


…wait, what?  No it’s not going in…Oh crap….


Let’s get in the swing of things….




and talk a little smack.


How about some extremely intense…



…pizza throwing.


Is that not enough for you? How about some….


bike floating.

… extreme bike floating.


Still not enough? How about some…


team jump roaping.

team jump roping.


Well today has been a big flop….

I feel like I've landed flat on my face.

….I feel like I’ve landed flat on my face.


I’m so tired…

I feel like I'm drifting off...

…I feel like I’m drifting off…


It is getting so intense around here that I better leave…

...before I get fired.

…before I explode.


It’s been an intensely bitter week and for that I’m not thankful at all.  While everyone looks forward to a weekend filled with merriment and vigor, I plan on sitting on the couch, intensely taking a nap and thinking about all the things that made me bitter and how I can avoid doing any work ever.  Bitter chance of that happening.



Bitterly Intense Ben


31 thoughts on “Bitterly Intense Friday Giftures

  1. Pingback: In case you missed it…because you were busy working hard on your laziness | Ben's Bitter Blog

  2. Hi Ben,
    Nice to “Cyber” meet you! I found your blog by way of “Freshly Pressed”! OK…..How did you just do that train and ball trick?…LOL. I’m loving reading and seeing your previous posts. I love those who have a sense of “Humor” and are not afraid to POST IT. 🙂
    I’m a New Fan & now following. I have to say, the 2 ladies on the bikes & the moving mattress is my favorite! I love watching the people face expressions when they get scared! Classic.
    Have a good weekend!
    Author, Cat Lyon 🙂


  3. I was reviewing my settings for getting new posts from my Reader and here WordPress somehow reset some of my follows so I was not getting notified of certain sites’ new activity, including yours. Now THAT makes me BITTER. And it’s Friday. So I must be REAL BITTER.


  4. Dear Bitterly Intense Ben,
    I was looking forward to your Friday GIF post since I discovered it last week – You did not disappoint. I think your bitterness is pleasant & quite enjoy it. Keep up the bitter work & enjoy those naps.


  5. That GIF with the gymnastics spotter…if you listen REALLY carefully, you can hear him yell, “PSYCH!!!” She probably dumped him for a steroid pumped up Russian weightlifter just before she went out to compete.


  6. Congrats Ben!
    Do you make these GIFs yourself?
    Can you share the recipe fort the secret sauce?

    I asked another blogger how he made the cool images he featured, and he responded “I use my hands”.
    So helpful 😀
    If I had a bitter list, that answer would make the cut.


    • Nope. I just go to websites that specialize in them. There a bunch out there. Just go to google and type in gifs. Some of my favorite are, and several others. You just right click, save to your pictures or other folders then include them in your post using “add media”.


  7. I’m going to start referring to you as the GIF God. I’m amazed at your ability to find these GIFs every single Friday. I have yet to see one reused. This week my favorite is the goalie. It’s such a flop on his part its funny and embarrassing. Congrats on your Fresh Pressed Status! That means you officially are big deal.


    • I know. Especially when I film them all myself. I guess it is better to be known for something than nothing. Though being known for bitter is pretty good too.

      Yep, I’ve made it. I think I will go on a world tour now.


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