So Dramatic Bitter Friday Giftures

  My wife and I talk about the debate between nature vs. nurture a lot. Probably because we have one child that is biological and one who is adopted. Why do some personality things seem to pass down because of what our kids are around and what comes from their parent's direct DNA? Our kids … Continue reading So Dramatic Bitter Friday Giftures

Bitter Combo’s

I've played video games my whole life.  Sure the graphics were kind of cloudy in the beginning, but that's because my bitter vision hadn't quite developed as well as my lungs did that first day.  I remember doing a lot of screaming that day, but it was mostly because I couldn't even get past the first … Continue reading Bitter Combo’s


Wanna know why I'm your least favorite blogger?  Because I'm around.  ALLLL the time.  I'm clogging up valuable space on the internet that you could be using for trees, or pictures of your kids, or YouTube.  All day on YouTube and the video would move so much faster, if it wasn't for this guy that … Continue reading Bittermunity

Frustration Friday Giftures

Nothing is more frustrating than expecting something good and getting something bad.  Like when you expect to skip a rock, but not only does the rock not skip, but you throw it way short and it richochets off a bigger rock and it bounces back and hits you in the knee and causes you to go to surgery.  Or when you expect … Continue reading Frustration Friday Giftures

Super BitterMan

The superhero genre is getting a little ridiculous.  There are some legit superhero movie stars out there that I'm fine with getting big time movies.  Guys like Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Spiderman and so forth.  These days, if there is a legit cool or recognizable hero out there, they will get a movie made … Continue reading Super BitterMan

Bitter Friday Gifture Cleanse

Things have happened this week.  Things that may never be unseen.  Happy people talking about music, and presents and having fun with their families.  It has been hard to look at, hard to see.  Well, I can't take it anymore.  I need to cleanse my mind of all this cheeriness. Well, it is Friday now and … Continue reading Bitter Friday Gifture Cleanse

Black Friday Giftures

    It's Black Friday and nothing says Black Friday like greed.  Black hearted rage, mixed with savings only 6 people will actually ever get, combined with angry, crazy people in a race for pole position for a chance at a ticket that may or may not get you into the room of a store … Continue reading Black Friday Giftures

The Land of the Lost Bitter Posts – The Disney Chronicles

Hey Bitter Stalkers! I've got a really bitter true story to tell you. When I graduated from high school (don't laugh, bitter people graduate too. Cause teachers want them gone, duh!) I got a senior trip because my parents didn't want to get me a car.  So I decided to go to Cincinnati, because I'm … Continue reading The Land of the Lost Bitter Posts – The Disney Chronicles

Can’t do attitude Friday Giftures

The thing I love best about living in America is the amount of freedom we are given. Dreams are so abundant here that they grow on tall, leaf covered lamp posts.  If there is a light on your street, there is a dream to be achieved.  If you want to a successful salesman, all you … Continue reading Can’t do attitude Friday Giftures

Friday Slideday

    I declare that it is officially Friday Slideday.  That means you are officially invited to slide down a notch whatever it is that you were doing today.  So, if you were at a slight 30% capacity on doing work this morning, slide that down a very comfortable and barely functioning 10%.  If you … Continue reading Friday Slideday

Spoiler Warnings Bitter Fridays

If you have read the internet in the last few weeks, you know there is a new fad going around.  It involves movies, TV and Youtube videos.  For some reason, people get busy doing work, going to school functions like school curriculum night or shopping for food and other unimportant tasks.  Poor, sad, cleverly written … Continue reading Spoiler Warnings Bitter Fridays

Hybrid Kid’s Crap for Sale!

Unless you know some kid that constantly watches Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Sprout or Nickelodeon this post may not make sense.  Let's just say you do know what Snuggies are thought, whether you want to admit it or not.  When they first came out, you laughed at them and said, "There is no way I'm going to ever … Continue reading Hybrid Kid’s Crap for Sale!

The Keys to Bitter Miscommunication

  This weekend, through some lucky circumstances (my daughter being a rockstar despite one half of her parents being a complete bittertastrophe), I got the chance to attend a Seattle Seahawks pre-season game, much to the chagrin of many people around me who are actual Seahawks fans.  They are the most popular ticket around town (even … Continue reading The Keys to Bitter Miscommunication

Let Us(By Us I mean You) Get Some Exercise this Weekend Bitterness Giftures

I've been told by television that if you exercise and eat right for like a year, you will lose half your body weight.  Your life will "be transformed", everyone will "fake" like you, and you will "find the person of your dreams" and you will get the "promotion you've been striving for", you will get … Continue reading Let Us(By Us I mean You) Get Some Exercise this Weekend Bitterness Giftures

10 Things Ready for a Bitter Break Up

  A couple of days ago, I was watching the Bachelor's Paradise. These are people that have been on the Bachelor and "didn't win" in their particular cycle as if not getting engaged to the one girl or boy amongst all the contestants is losing.  What we all know is that in the end is that they … Continue reading 10 Things Ready for a Bitter Break Up

The Bitter Daddy Long Legs

Shark week just started and for some reason people are fascinated.  Might be that they love Sharknado with all in terrifying special effects or the fact that they want to see someone get swallowed by a shark, or that the summer sun has finally gotten to them and they just can't think straight anymore.  Sharks may be … Continue reading The Bitter Daddy Long Legs

Living Down to Bitter Expectation Giftures

There has been a lot of talk in the NBA lately about legacy.  Will Lebron and the Heat be able to win three Championships in a row and solidify his "legacy" as one of the greatest ever?  Will Tim Duncan and the Spurs win one last one and retire as one of the best ever … Continue reading Living Down to Bitter Expectation Giftures