It’s I Don’t Fricken Care Friday Giftures

It’s Frickin Friday and I don’t care.  I don’t care about work, or science or what I cram down my pie hole.  And by that I mean Pizza.  I’m gonna slap some tomato sauce or paste or whatever on some crust, lots and lots of cheese, whatever kind, and pepperoni, put it in an oven, then call Pizza Hut, and tell them to freaking deliver it to me, because I don’t want to work on the Pizza, I just want to eat it.  You know what else I don’t care about? This post.

I’m gonna take my time getting to work…

dsfksdjf you can suck it, traffic.  Snailed it!

I’m gonna break stuff…

…or paint a wall…I don’t care. Maybe I’ll do both.

I’m gonna throw caution to the wind…

I'm gonna chuck stuff in the air.

…and bowling pins in the air.  Cause I might go bowling later.  Whatever. I’ll do what I want.

Maybe I’ll find a payphone…


..and steal a nickel from it.  Cause I’m bad to the bone like that.

Who wants to play a game….

...of Go Fish.

…of Go Fish.

I’ll be Wile E. Coyote if I want to….

Who cae

…or go swimming if I want to…

Maybe I’ll go to a game….


…or wear a stupid hat…

Maybe I’ll ignore my neighbors…


…or do a the electric slide with them.

I don’t have to take this garbage…

...of course the garbage doesn’t have to take me either.

At the end of an exhausting day….


…ice cream. 

The world may end…


…but at least it will be refreshing…

..unlike this blog’s old rehashed, overdone premise.  A Bitter Friday to you. Or not.  I DON’T CARE.


Bitter Fridon’t care Ben


102 thoughts on “It’s I Don’t Fricken Care Friday Giftures

  1. Thanks for the recent like and to show my appreciation I’m gifting you lifetime use of a great photo from this old post. It’s under the section titled Gross.
    I made my husband walk all over Venice with me to find the dumb thing. I took the photo myself, so it’s mine to give away and I think you can get some real mileage out of it.
    There’s probably a better way to deliver it, but as you know “It’s Friday and I’m done”.


  2. Ice cream! The perfect way to end the day, everyday. I’ve reached the point where I no longer care about my long to – do list at work. It’s Friday, and whatever I can accomplish, is all I can do. No stress Friday. I don’t care.


  3. Wow, your panties are in an even bigger waddle then usual. What got you so riled up? As usual, you are near genius with the hilarious videos! I look forward to them….and if you are too bitter to post them…..arrgghh!


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