It’s I Don’t Fricken Care Friday Giftures

It's Frickin Friday and I don't care.  I don't care about work, or science or what I cram down my pie hole.  And by that I mean Pizza.  I'm gonna slap some tomato sauce or paste or whatever on some crust, lots and lots of cheese, whatever kind, and pepperoni, put it in an oven, … Continue reading It’s I Don’t Fricken Care Friday Giftures

A preview for my speech into the Bitter Hall of Fame

I was watching the credits of a movie the other day, and they were long.  Really long.  An hour and a half later, I woke up and they were still running.  Sure it was an epic show, (so much drama, Grown Ups 2) , but what I learned is that it clearly it takes a lot … Continue reading A preview for my speech into the Bitter Hall of Fame

Trial and Error bitterness

There have been some great combinations in the history of combinations.  There was Tango and Cash of the movie Tango and Cash.  There is the Reese's Peanut Butter claim of chocolate and peanut butter being a good combination.  How about a locker and a combination lock?  There is Romeo and Juliet, a combination of opposing families … Continue reading Trial and Error bitterness

Evil Genius Bitterness

As an evil genius who is also bitter I am always looking for minions, but lately I haven't been able to find the quality of minnions that is required to do all my work while I laugh maniacally.  My old channels of finding minnions just isn't working out so I decided to try the old … Continue reading Evil Genius Bitterness

I am an idiot Bitterness

Some people are good at acting or singing or making art or accounting.  I respect those people for being good at those things.  Except for the accountant.  Why would you want to be good at numbers?  So boorrrinng.  The art of creativity is awesome and people should be appreciated for their art whatever that may … Continue reading I am an idiot Bitterness

Money Bitterness

When I was but a young budding bitterling in elementary school, I learned about this thing called money.  Back then it was just a bunch of semi-silver, copper and green paper.  A teacher probably told me that it had a value of some sort and then I probably shrugged and moved on to trading baseball … Continue reading Money Bitterness

The bitterest place on earth – Animal Kingdom Edition – Part 2

I am okay with paying money for things that are such a great experience that I couldn't recreate them in my backyard or somewhere near home or do for free somewhere.  For instance, I'm pretty sure I couldn't build a rollercoaster in my backyard, or visit one for free somewhere.  So, I will pay for tickets to go to an … Continue reading The bitterest place on earth – Animal Kingdom Edition – Part 2

I’m leaving Bitterness

I'm packing up my bitterness in a suitcase and flying off to someplace a little sunnier.  As my parting gift to both of my loyal followers, and coal for those that don't read all the time, or don't enjoy reading it, I am leaving you with one last blog before I do my next blog … Continue reading I’m leaving Bitterness

When Kid’s Fight Bitterness

When kids fight it makes me so bitter .  It seems like they fight over the littlest things.  It all started over a year ago, when one of them was fighting with other friends at an elephant party.  They fought over who was the smartest, who was the best at keeping money and who was the best at getting other friends to make … Continue reading When Kid’s Fight Bitterness

Halloween Bitterness

Halloween, the bitterest of holidays.  Halloween is according to many resources the one that we all spend the most money on.   Not sure what the appeal is, maybe wearing a costume makes you feel like another person for a day.  Maybe it is the fact that you can eat candy and be on a sugar high … Continue reading Halloween Bitterness

Bitter T shirt of the Week

As a person who chooses to write things instead of say things because saying things takes so much effort and is really hard work, my favorite form of expression besides blog writing is T-shirts.  So along comes this T-shirt which would be a perfect way to express myself except the state is wrong.  And the city.  … Continue reading Bitter T shirt of the Week

Airplane bitterness

I am so bitter about airplanes.  Everyone says "Yeah! They are a modern miracle that moves us at somewhere near the speed of sound!" or "Yeah I don't have to drive an insane 3000 miles to get to Florida!"  What airplanes don't think about is that maybe I want to go slower than the speed of sound!  … Continue reading Airplane bitterness