In case you got lost on the internet highway and didn’t find your way to Bitter Street..

For those who got lost in cyberspace.

For those who got lost in cyberspace.

It was a busy week on Bitter Street and I know not everyone was up to feeling bitter.  Nice things got in the way.  Worry though, I mind.  So you bitter get in here and check out all the opportunities you had to be bitter.  Starting with:

I learned by past experience that I have an evil bitter superpower.  Found out more in Unplanned Obsolescence Bitterness.

I revealed reasons to unsuspecting Autumn Aficionados why their favorite season wasn’t so spectacular and quite bitter.  See the many reasons why in Autumn Bitterness.

Yesterday, since it was Friday, I did my traditional Bitter Pictures/Gifs with a “fall” theme.  In other words, people falling for my bitter amusement.  In Friday Fall Pictures.

Maybe you got lost in the bitter posts and didn’t make it to the Bitter Twitter.  For your inconvenience, I have placed last week’s tweets below, so you can painfully read them all in one place.

Some people posted bitter comments:

“Oh, Bitter Ben! Hear my prayers! I want most reality tv shows to go away. Can you help me? I’ll sacrifice ten rubber chickens at the next Bitter Ben cult meeting….” PJ’s and Chocolate

“Sadly Hebrew National All Beef Franks have joined the Costco er Ben’s obsolete Island. BTW you don’t need to like my posts. I want to stay viable for a while.” John Howell

“Planned obsolescence is the reason I am reluctant to buy mops, dusters and toilet brushes that use disposable, refillable pads and scrubbers. They end up changing the dimensions on newer models to force you to buy a new mop. I quit cleaning house in protest.” Ginjuh

“Could not agree more sir. Autumn is just the Grim Reaper disguised like brightly colored fairy- waiting to pronounce death on the kingdom. The dead season sucks and Autumn’s an accomplice.” Extreme Mom

“Pumpkin? Hate it in all forms except pumpkin pie, pumpkin butter, pumpkin lattes, and the pumpkin bread mix and pumpkin mousse cake from Trader Joes. Oh, and carved pumpkins. Otherwise, I really don’t like it.”  Clever Girl Eats

“Bjork is rocking that snuggie, no lie. It’s like none of these folks heeded the nursery rhyme: Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and broke his head…” Kerby

Finally there are bonus pictures and Gifs on Bitter Street:

Slide devil.

Slide devil.


Gun-dam style.

She's trying out for a part in one of those splasher flicks.

She’s trying out for a part in one of those splasher flicks.

Now that you have had your fill of a whole weeks Bitterness in one short, 2 hour session, you are free to go out and get lost in the uplifting part of the internet.  Or go outside if that is your thing.  I’m going back to LOL(laying on leather).


Bitter Lost Those Last Two Hours Ben

22 thoughts on “In case you got lost on the internet highway and didn’t find your way to Bitter Street..

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  5. “Bitter Twitter” har har har.
    Tomorrow is Monday, which means I’ll be back to work and hopefully have more time to dally about on Twitter. I’ll be sure to keep a look out for the bitterness.


  6. I thank you for doing these recaps. Unfortunately, I’ve been bitterly mired in everyday life, and my fun things, like reading blogs I like, have fallen behind. And you can guess, I’m pretty BITTER about that!


  7. What with it absolutely chucking down here today; what with me feeling the beginnings of a cold (my wife has kindly donated) about me; what with nearly slipping arse over face on wet autumn leaves that cling with seeming innocence to the paving stones (causing me to drop the newspaper in a puddle);plus having meditated my mind set to that almost pleasurable state of bitter boredom I have to report that I just heard the Arsenal had won 4-1 and annoyingly I now have to take steps to get back to the place I was at only moments previously. Good summing up of your week!


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