Friday Fall Pictures

Such a beautiful sight! Not the scenery, the guy falling off his unicycle!

Such a beautiful sight! Not the scenery, the guy falling off his unicycle!


I blogged yesterday about Autumn, or fall and how bitter it makes me.  Today, since it is Friday and I like to be lazy and just post Bitter Pictures of Failures of other people, I decided to go with a Fall theme.  And by Fall, I really mean fall, as in fall on your face for my amusement. So, be bitter that you weren’t there, or that these were you and someone captured your failure on camera.  Either way, let’s start the fall…

They don't call it gymnicetics.

They don’t call it gymnicetics.

Bitter Former Gymnastic Commentator: In this synchronized gymnastic competition, the Flores Sisters get up on the stools and we see Kari dazzle the crowd moving slightly and giving us the hello wave gesture.  Not to be outdone, Mari is in the back kicking her feet back and Whoa! what a move!  Unbeliveable style and grace!  Though Kari was unbelievable, I would have to give the slight edge to Mari for stepping it up and then falling to the Flores!

What a lovely pink peacock you are wearing.

Reporter: Bjork who are you wearing?  Bjork: Walmart Snuggie.  

Ryan Bittercrest: Bjork, welcome to the MTB(Empty Bitterness) music awards.  Who are you wearing?  Bjork where are you going?  Bjork? Ohhhh…my…it looks like Bjork is trying to show us the back of her outfit! Let’s keep following her…Bjork and what are those shoes?  Are those vintage rollerblades?  Any new projects in the pipeline Bjork?  Anything you are falling hard for?

They've been practicing this this fall all week in practice.

They’ve been practicing this fall all week in practice.

Basketbitter announcer: 5 seconds to go in the game and the Running Charltins are only 20 points behind.  What will they do on this last play? Oh it looks like are going with the classic Jump and Dump, and I’ve got to say that all the work in practice this week payed off.  The play is executed perfectly with number 5 scooting in getting on all fours, deceiving the other team into thinking that she is trying to elevate her teammate and #34 executing the final fall perfectly.  What an end to the game!  Black team loses in spectacular fashion!  My Oh My!

Grumpy Cat's sister Bitter Cat in the wild.

Grumpy Cat’s sister Bitter Lazy Cat in the wild.

Bitter Safari tour guide(whispering): Look closely off to your left and you will see the Elephants trampling the dirt to death.  Oh my goodness, did you see the elephant trip on that tiger?  What a spectacular sight.  And on the right, in the watering hole you can see Alligator Ned pranking Alligator Cletus, by pulling his friends tail. Wow, that Alligator Cletus looks livid! It’s looks the Alligator Cletus is so mad at Alligator Ned that he is eating Alligator Ned’s lunch of Gazelle and Zebra. And to your right, you will see Grumpy Cat’s brother, Bitter Lazy Cat.  Bitter Lazy Cat sleeps about 23 1/2 hours a day only wakes to meow and get others to bring him food.  Luckily we came at just the right time.  Bitter Lazy Cat is waking up and…he’s down…Don’t worry, he’s not hurt.  This is just how Bitter Lazy Cat gets to sleep.

I hope your Bitter Weekend is as bitter and lazy and Bitter Lazy Cat is.  I would suggest staying indoors, getting some stale air and being as ambitiousless as possible.  Or be active and waste your weekened.  I don’t care.


Bitter Ambitiousless Ben

39 thoughts on “Friday Fall Pictures

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  3. Bitter doesn’t begin to address how I felt seeing all those people try and fail. At least the cat/bee wasn’t trying. I am currently trying to teach my cat how to wear a funny hat. She is teaching me a LOT about the effectiveness of bitter looks. I feel small. Very small. That’s bitterness. ( I just wanted a LAUGH, Ryka, so quit staring at me. I’ll get some solvent in the morning and unglue the hat.)


  4. Wow. I felt guilty over laughing at these. In fact, it made me a bit bitter! 😉 I was laughed at plenty when I’ve fallen, may as well be bitter over that – and laugh bitterly about these!


  5. LOL Ben, I can always rely on a laugh here at your place! BTW I think I have circumvented ‘the wordpress’ issues, perhaps they shouldn’t mess with ‘bitter’ women, 🙂


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