Bitter GIF/Pictures of the week (AKA The Lazy Post of The Week)

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try Tuesday come.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try Tuesday comes. (Mondays are Tuesdays sleepy, lazy cousin.)

Why is it that when there is a fly in the house, I have to chase it like a crazed lunatic with a fly swatter, almost shatter windows, almost break every bone in my body avoiding obstacles, and scaring the children just so I can kill it and this Venus Flytrap lazily throws up a tenticle and gets to treat the fly like me on a Tuesday?  One of life’s bitter mysteries.

My first novel.

My first novel.

You would think that this a compelling novel about the intricacies of who has made me mad, people I was scorned by as a youth, people I have interviewed with or girls who have broken my heart, but you would be wrong.  The reason why I haven’t published this yet, is not because of privacy of the people I would do this to.  It is simply because it is too short.  I don’t think a publisher would take on a novel that would be the following word: Everyone.

Nope. It's not.

Nope. It’s not.

First of all, life isn’t too short.  It just seems to be just draggin on.  It’s been over 40 years now.  Moses wandered in the wilderness for less time.  Second of all, let’s listen to whatever the bottle cap says.  The bottle cap has been through so much like plague and famine and bloodshed and war and all kinds of terrible things.  Whatever the bottlecap says.  Bottle cap is probably 2 months old, covered a beverage for a week, got freed by a thirsty person and is now free to do whatever it wants.  Yeah, such a painful life, bottlecap.  I don’t know how you and cats do it.  Please tell me why I shouldn’t be bitter.


Bitter Life’s too short Ben


76 thoughts on “Bitter GIF/Pictures of the week (AKA The Lazy Post of The Week)

  1. What you should do is launch a candy company. You know how Dove writes things on the wrappers to make people happy? You should write things to make them bitter. The bottle cap inspired me. 😉


  2. Bitter minds think alike. How did you know that was the title of my first book? At least it would be something that didn’t need editing. Bottle caps are very wise, but they are wrong! 😉


  3. Hello, Ben! Your nemesis is alive and kicking, believe it or not! And I’ve gotta say…despite my eternally opposite/sunny disposition, I found today’s photo/caption rather funny. More later…I’m rather busy feeding orphans and adopting stray cats…see you on the flip side…:)


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