Thank Bitter It’s Friday (TBIF) before Labor Day

Work weeks need to be shortened.

Work weeks need to be shortened.

This week I took two days off, because I felt like not working. After today I will have only worked 3 days this week.  The lesson I have learned?  This should be the normal workweek.  3 days should be the amount of days we work and 4 days should be the amount of days we have off.  We should be working for 8 hours, going home complaining because we have to work so many days a week.  We should be complaining that we can’t retire at 55.  We should be complaining that 8 hours is such a long day at work and we need a vacation soon because it is so stressful.  Stay at home moms should be complaining that their husbands are always working long three days weeks and they need to be spending more 5 day weekends with their kids.

The only reason for Facebook.

Thanks Facebook.

I love video games because they take my mind from a place called work.  I press a button and the character on the screen does all the work.  Hopefully when I press the button the character does something cool, like leaps tall buildings, runs really fast, or shoots laser beams out of his or her hands.  When I play I game I don’t want to farm.  I went to a farm once to help transport chickens from a truck to a cage.  It was really early in the morning and it was a whole lot of work and it was stinky and I got paid maybe several dollars less than minimum wage, which was several dollars an hour at the time.  So if I drive a tractor through your house when you send me a request me to play Farmville, you might know why now.  Just saying.

Labor Day Weekend plans

Labor Day Weekend plans.

Labor day weekened is coming up, so we all have really ambitious plans, right?  Avoiding campgrounds, lakes, waterparks and amusement parks, concerts and the daylight are some of the activities I plan on doing.  If I do feel like doing anything I am almost positive it will be recreating one of the slow snails in that movie Turbo.  I’ll let the fast snails get all the credit.  I will be the one taking fifteen minutes to open my eyelids in the the morning, then sitting on the couch playing video games simulating a superhero who has the power to save mankind, but just doesn’t feel like it and then sending people real tractors that send me Farmville requests.  I will also be pondering why next week has so many work days.

That is the Labor I will be doing.


Bitter Labored Ben


70 thoughts on “Thank Bitter It’s Friday (TBIF) before Labor Day

  1. Can I mention (bitterly) that it wasn’t a long weekend in England? (I did get Friday off to go to a wedding but I still had to get up at sparrow’s fart and drive for hours there and back and spend time with family inbetween the driving. All in all, a lovely day!).


  2. Now, I did laugh at this blog. You have quite a sense of humor. Thanks for the blog. Enjoy your Labor day, laying on the courch, playing video games and filling your face. By the way, do you have someone in mind who can bring you the food to stuff your face.?


  3. The pictures and captions got me laughing. I smirked over the Farmville request one. Love your response. I think you have the correct idea for “Labor” day! 🙂


  4. What? I had to look up labor day as the concept had never entered my radar before but I keep seeing it all over the net… I’m still not entirely sure I understand. You get a day off? For being a worker?! Sounds pretty good to me! And I definitely agree about the three day work week! 🙂 Have a good (if bitter) one.


  5. What not to be bitter about on Labor Day weekend? Oh, that would be college football. There is no bitterness in beer (unless you like stinky IPA) and college football. Now if I could play whack-a-mole with game requests……


  6. See, I played it smart. I’m taking off NEXT Friday, so next week will be a three day week for me. I also think the work day should end at 3:00. I can be “productive” for six hours, but not eight.


  7. Ambitious indeed. We had a strict no-traveling-to-DE-until-my-friend’s-wedding-next-month policy in place… then here comes labor day, and all of sudden I have to schlep the Js 2 hours northeast to drink beer and eat food, which I prefer to do at home without the drive. Makes me bitter.


  8. Yay Friday!!! I wish that I had 3 day weekends every week, but I do like my job. But I also like being at home, doing nothing, or watching my fiance play video games, and laughing at him when he dies. 🙂


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