In case you missed the Bitterness….

You know how when you miss your favorite basketball game you can watch SportsCenter for 30 seconds to know exactly what happened in the three hour game?  Or when you weren’t in Mexico with Jennifer Aniston(if you care about any actors at all) you can watch Entertainment Tonight for a 30 second highlight?  Well I am going to give the chance to all the people who ignored the bitterness during the week to see the Lowlights of the Bitter Blog all in one space.  You’re welcome. So, in case you missed it…

I did my first Bitter Broadcast on the whole new network Bitter Entertainment News (BEN) with Amanda from Write in the Wrong Way.  (See above.)

I did two other posts: A Bitter Review of Barking Neighborhood Dogs (spoiler warning: they didn’t do well), and Friday Work Picture Bitterness.  If you are bored and needing some sleep, this is an easy way to get your nap started.

Bitter Twitters you may have missed: “After an epic meal at McDonald’s I’ll stand up and say, “IVE GOT SALTWATER IN MY VEINS!” and drop the mic.”

“Angry Tweets: A game where you fling angry insults at your bitter rivals, “The Morons” and “The Sarcastically Challenged”.

“Yawning is my excuse to accidentally punch people in the face as they walk by.”

How about some Bitter Pictures?

Another Bitter thing about weekends and vacation daysl

Another Bitter thing about weekends and vacation days!

I waited until just now to do the lowlights.

I waited until just now to do the lowlights.


This is how my wife found me when she lost me.

This is how my wife found me when I was lost.

Have a bitter Weekend.


Bitter Missed it Ben



39 thoughts on “In case you missed the Bitterness….

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  2. I’m glad to see so many liked Amanda cuz she did steal the show. She’s a natural. I hope this doesn’t make you less bitter, but her Affect + Poker face was the winning combo 🙂


  3. Ben it was extremely not bitter of you to let me know to come check out this post, thank you. I also enjoyed the yawn punch – it is effing classy! When we will stop talking about another installment of BEN and start being about it? Take a 5 minute lazy break and email me 😉


  4. I love the lowlights summary. But love the yawn punch even more. So stealing that lol 🙂 You can be bitter that I am stealing that if you like 🙂


  5. Oh yes, just what I wanted… A lazy boy??? I think not. I called the listed number to offer you up. However, they asked what you were worth and I told the truth. I couldn’t afford to pay them to take you away. I guess I am stuck with you lazy boy!


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