Bitter pictures of the week

This is where I should be right now.  Ask me why I am so bitter.

The ultimate reason to be bitter.

Hopefully it never rains on my couch.  If it does, know that I will be blogging from said couch and writing a 200,000 word post about why I am so bitter.  Speaking of being bitter, I should have been bitter blogging yesterday.

Contrary to my life as a couch dweller, I decided to go against type and participate in a thing called exersize.  There was a group of people that were my age that decided that they wanted to get together and play basketball.  Basketball is great in theory, not so much in practice.   To be honest, I have a certain amount of skill in basketball that makes it enjoyable to me.  I am a great passer that has court vision.  I have a decent 15 foot jumper from the baseline.   I am even marginally taller than the average person at 6’1.  In fact, I am taller than a few point guards in the NBA.  The problem is that my body is more suited for the couch.  Also, having a vertical leap of 1 inch and bad knees, doesn’t help in a game that necessitates jumping.

I used to actually play defense. As I've gotten older, this is more how I play defense.

I used to actually play defense. As I’ve gotten older, this is more how I play.

It was actually fun to run and shoot and pass for the few hours that I played.  The bitterness came later when I decided to stop moving and laid down.  And then decided to wake up the next day.  Having used many muscles(my muscles like to hide under other things) that I hadn’t used for several months (like 12) they decided that they wanted to rest some more (I think they were thinking a few days), but I had this important thing called a job that needed all my muscles to appear.

So of course, I had to hobble around like a depressed zombie all day while having to do actual work, being that we have to complete everything we do by the end of the month.  The only thing that would have been worse is if it was a leap year and I had to endure one more day of February.  Thankfully, I have much more to be bitter about in March.

Not sitting on the couch makes me so bitter.  When I get home, I hope there isn’t a rain cloud over it.


Bitter Ben


20 thoughts on “Bitter pictures of the week

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    • I’m glad you like my blog because if you didn’t then I would be very bitter about you. I appreciate the very inspiring award. I will take it as a compliment that people find bitterness inspiring. Also, I love your blog too. And having a bitter guy like your blog makes yours truly inspiring.


  3. My body resents me for giving it sore muscles all the time. Doesn’t seem to matter how much exercise I do or how often. I feel a little bitter about that.

    this was great 😀


  4. I was bitter on Friday but quickly realized a correlation between my head feeling like it was going to explode and bitterness….. oh wait….. that’s rage…… lol Here’s to bitterness. It keeps us oh so entertained!


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