When I was grew up I was a natural athlete. I could run like a slug, jump like a turtle, and watch sports on TV like a full grown man. Because I was tall(ish), I was forced to be athletic in basketball. I kind of hated it in seventh grade, mostly because all the … Continue reading Gifsketball

Bitter Ben Presents: The First Annual Friday Gifture Slam Dunk Contest

  Basketball season is back and bitter than ever.  The excitement is in the air.  Teams all still think they have a chance.  Teammates are getting to know each other and they are still trying to learn their new locker combinations.  Still talking about their crushes and what kind of homework they are getting from … Continue reading Bitter Ben Presents: The First Annual Friday Gifture Slam Dunk Contest

Bitter Reasons to be tall

I guess today is a holiday, though how would I know it?  I'm at work, doing work (well, not right now) and I see no evidence of it being a holiday at all other than there are some oversized spiders hanging from the ceiling and spider webs everywhere. There is also some weirdo that doesn't have … Continue reading Bitter Reasons to be tall

The Bitter Failure of Sports

One day when I was at home and I got a phone call.  I was surprised because I never get phone calls at home, or anywhere else for that matter.  I picked up the phone using my most bitter voice, since I was so rudely being interupted from doing nothing. "Hi, this is Chris* from Sports Illustrated … Continue reading The Bitter Failure of Sports

Shoe Bitterness

A long time ago, after the popularity of my bitter post about socks, I had planned to do the sequel post about shoes.  However, my virtual garbage can was empty, with wadded up ideas strewn about, usually missing the virtual target pretty badly.  It's not like I am a bad shot, (I made my high school sophomore basketball … Continue reading Shoe Bitterness

Bitter pictures of the week

Hopefully it never rains on my couch.  If it does, know that I will be blogging from said couch and writing a 200,000 word post about why I am so bitter.  Speaking of being bitter, I should have been bitter blogging yesterday. Contrary to my life as a couch dweller, I decided to go against type … Continue reading Bitter pictures of the week