Sports Torture BFG’s

Last Friday, I pretended I was sick so I could leave work early. Normally when I pretend I'm sick I just go home and play video games and sleep on the couch. But this time, it was for unselfish reasons. Instead of being lazy, I actually intentionally decided to go outside and sit in the … Continue reading Sports Torture BFG’s

Bitterness Coaching

When I was 7 years old, I was a 3-sport athlete. I was a world class goalie (I was really good at standing and watching other kids fight for the ball) a two-time no-star center in basketball (I was awesome at standing on the low block with my hand up waiting for the ball) and … Continue reading Bitterness Coaching

Letting the Cat out of the Bitter Bag

  First of all, I know talking about pets is a sensitive subject, which is why I plan on talking about it. I know some people's life depend on their pets, maybe because they are a crazy cat lady, or because their dog cares about them way too much, but this rhinoceros pet owning is … Continue reading Letting the Cat out of the Bitter Bag

Dangling that Bitter Carrot

There is probably some sort of reason why I get up at 5:30 in the morning, fall asleep in the shower, put some clothes on, shave this freaking face, get in a car, hop on the train with like a billion people that give me bitter stares, get off the train and walk like 15 … Continue reading Dangling that Bitter Carrot

Bitter 5K

One time I had a dream (not an aspiration in life, but the sleeping kind) in which I was being chased by zombies or a generic federal agent (I don't remember.  My dreams are so lame, bitter and unremarkable, that I wonder why I bother sleeping at all.).  The agent or zombie kept trying to … Continue reading Bitter 5K

Bicycle Bitterness

Remember the feeling you had the first time you learned how to do something? The first time you learned to fail at math and got an "F" on your report card? Or almost drowned learning how to swim? Or got your first cavity, by brushing your teeth improperly or even got bitter for the first … Continue reading Bicycle Bitterness

Bitter pictures of the week

Hopefully it never rains on my couch.  If it does, know that I will be blogging from said couch and writing a 200,000 word post about why I am so bitter.  Speaking of being bitter, I should have been bitter blogging yesterday. Contrary to my life as a couch dweller, I decided to go against type … Continue reading Bitter pictures of the week