Bitter Picture of the Week

Guess which quadrant I am in?

The quadratic equation of the hypotemus is the 12th degree of the 90 degree of the pathergerium theorum.  I’m easily categorized… in the can’t stand math category.

As any long time follower of this blog would know, I don’t love math very much at all.  It is too exact and sensical.  It makes the universe what it is and it is too hard.  I get that 1+1 is three and all that, but after that it get all kinds of non sensey to me.  Which is weird because math is always supposed to make sense.  Anyways, I think I learned something about the above picture and how things are supposed to be along an axis and such fun stuff like that (and by learned I mean the words from a teacher entered my ears.  Is that learning?).  I think these things are called quadrants and they are supposed to correspond to things.

So as you can see everyone in the world somehow fits into this small 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper.  Allegedly, everyone is supposed to be a combination of either angry, calm, selfish or generous.  I disagree with this chart.  I don’t fit on this chart anywhere at all.  It is correct that I get angry sometimes, but you know, everyone does.  It is also true that I am selfish all the time.  What, like being selfish is really hard?  If it is selfish to sit on the couch while other people do things like work and stuff, then get out the brushes and paint me selfish.  The dot on there calls me lonely, scared and bitter.  Pffftt.  Not lonely, not scared.  Just bitter.  So take your four quadrants and stick them up your math equation, higher learning!  You can’t categorize me.  I am a unique, angry, bitter person that you can’t cage!


Bitter Ben



32 thoughts on “Bitter Picture of the Week

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  2. Agreed. If I want 1 + 1 to equal 3, it should. That’s all I’m saying. Also Mrs. Michaels, if you are up late searching “math” tonight because you are evil and happen to run across this – I hope a rhombus falls on your head.


  3. I agree! Math does not make sense. Once you start mixing the alphabet with numbers… no. Not okay. That is why I’m a comm major and I can bullshit anything or any paper I need to. Words are much nicer than numbers.


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