Bitter Quote of the week

Mosquito's are the draculas of the bug world.

Mosquito’s are the draculas of the bug world.  I stole this picture from Google.

“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.”
― Betty Reese

I don’t know Betty Reese and she probably doesn’t know me (unless she reads bitter blogs or goes to the same gym I avoid) but she has accidently made an awesome quote about bitterness.  The best part is that she probably meant for it to be funny.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lived in the same neighborhoods that mosqitoes live and for some reason they think it is okay to just come over to my house and make themselves comfortable.  It would be fine if they were invited, but I clearly didn’t send them and engraven invitation and they still felt it was polite to suck my blood.  It wouldn’t even have been that bad, had I not just shaved for the week and donated blood to our sink.  Also I have enough troubles with my skin being dry and itchy, but now the mosquito feels it necessary to leave a nice bump or 10 for me to scratch.

Mosquitos blood...and they leave me with bad acne.  Also stole this picture from Google

Mosquitos suck…my blood…and they leave me with bad acne.

But what Miss Betty Reese didn’t realize was the fact that if you are annoying you aren’t effective.  I annoy people all the time, with my blog, with my laziness, with my incompetence and nothing seems to come from it.  I’m not famous, nor rich, nor a good person.  So Miss (or Mrs.  or Ms.  what are you Betty?) Betty Resse, neither the mosquito or me are making a much of a difference in life.  And by the way, I am much bigger than a mosquito and mosquitos die in three days.  So what does your quote have to say for itself now?


Bitter Ben


16 thoughts on “Bitter Quote of the week

  1. Mosquitoes die in three days? I heard that about house flys, but they NEVER seem to go away. You have to quish them. We also get Wolf spiders, Tarantulas and Scorpions. Everything BITES out here, even the old people. Life in the desert is making me bitter as a lemon.


    • I don’t do research on any of my posts in order to be authentically terrible at all things. I am pretty sure I’m not a fan of all those things, that you listed. So, you’re in the medical industry right? Why do you have to wear those uniform things?


  2. I’m laughing right now because some moron misquoted this and said that Ghandi said it. Two tiles down, someone will say Lincoln said it. Next tile, Mother Teresa. You may think of yourself as all of the above, but at least you aren’t papering my wall with shitty misquotes on fantastical landscape backgrounds.


  3. The first thought that came into my mind was, “I’ve never thought Mosquitos were that effective. Insective, sure.” …Friday after work, that’s the best I can do. I’m bitter about my own lack of cleverness, so this comment is still salvageable.


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