Surviving Work Disasters Bitterness

There have been a lot of big disasters lately.  Floods in Colorado, a government that is so lazy that they are making excuses about why they can't "come in to work today" (something about their healthcare, IE faking sick again) and the ending of Breaking Bad(I heard it was a show about chemistry.  Uh, wow that … Continue reading Surviving Work Disasters Bitterness

Bitter Vacation Friday Pictures

In case you are really bad at looking at calendars or bad at realizing how people seem to be dressed in casual jeans instead of their normally dapper attire, it is Friday.  A day in which, I like to post blantantly stolen pictures from the internet and loosely relate them to how bitter I am.  … Continue reading Bitter Vacation Friday Pictures

Canadian Friday Picture Bitterness

It's Friday again and you know what that means.  I am too lazy to write anything, so I just post pictures taken from the internet that make me bitter and comment about them.  Today, in honor of my neighbors to the north(not in my neighborhood.  They have no honor), Canada, who has an actual government that … Continue reading Canadian Friday Picture Bitterness

Bitter Sleep

Yesterday, I was sitting on my computer most of the day, staring at it.  The cursor was staring back at me, blinking, laughing at me and challenging me to write some halfway decent words.  In other words, it has been making me very bitter.  When the thoughts don't come and the creative spark doesn't electrify me, I can't … Continue reading Bitter Sleep

Random Picture Bitterness

Tuesday is like the Bitter of Flavors. No one likes it and everyone just wants it to go away. For some reason all of our neighborhood kids like to hang out in our house all day, eating all our food, messing up our house, scattering toys everywhere, breaking all our valuables, and then when I get home, none … Continue reading Random Picture Bitterness

Bitter Bucket List

Yesterday when I was giving our ditch a haircut and experiencing this weird sensation called pain(I'm never going to do this work thing again), I realized I was going to eventually kick the bucket(the stupid bucket keeps appearing in our yard somehow and I'm pretty clumsy). I've heard of a thing called a Bucket List … Continue reading Bitter Bucket List

My Bitter Rights

I broke from tradition on the 4th of July and moved outside of my house to do something.  We spent some time with some weird people (I think my wife called them family) and did activities.  Activities are those things that require you talk to people and move around and work your muscles a bit.  … Continue reading My Bitter Rights

Bicycle Bitterness

Remember the feeling you had the first time you learned how to do something? The first time you learned to fail at math and got an "F" on your report card? Or almost drowned learning how to swim? Or got your first cavity, by brushing your teeth improperly or even got bitter for the first … Continue reading Bicycle Bitterness

Time zone bitterness

As an esteemed (that is another word for bitter right?) member of this society of Americans, by way of being born, I have the right of free speech.  The Bills of the Right Constitutions tells me so.   You bitter believe that I am going to full advantage of this and abuse it to the best of my blogabilities.  There are other … Continue reading Time zone bitterness

Bitter Contest Loser

Remember when I decided to do a Bitter contest where you could win something?  Last week or the week before or something?  Well I rang up the results of those who actually entered and I did some math and found through my horrible math skills that we are all losers of the contest.  Mostly … Continue reading Bitter Contest Loser

Earth Day Bitterness

April is an awesome month for a number of reasons.  First of all, April stalks March and puts it out of its misery the moment it ends.  Even at young age, I recognized that March made me bitter.  Growing up in South Dakota, the weather was miserable, it was always a rough month for homework with … Continue reading Earth Day Bitterness

Light Bitterness

This weekend I spent some time reflecting on this time of year(in between all the other bitter things I was doing).  Daylight savings time happened, which causes us to lose an hour from our weekend, and I didn't get my much needed lazy hour on the couch.  It made me wonder what else about Daylight Savings time made me bitter.  Then it came to … Continue reading Light Bitterness