The REAL History of Thanksgiving

I've always been an advocate of short work weeks. I've been pushing my company really hard to go to the 1-day work week for some time. So far, so bad. We did recently reach a compromise of me keeping me job by working 5 days a week. Don't worry though. They are starting to crack. … Continue reading The REAL History of Thanksgiving

Tum’s Bitterly Favorite Day

Early in September, when Tum's feel the first chill of fall, they feel a tingle in their calcium infused hearts.  Summer is a bitter season for the Tum's because people do things like spend time outside and exercise.  Food is consumed, but people work it off by going hiking, swimming(half an hour after anyways) and … Continue reading Tum’s Bitterly Favorite Day

Things that are hanging on for dear life

As I sit here staring out the window at the snow gently, slowly and bitterly pounding the ground and every other obstacle in its destructive path, I reflect back poorly on the entire last week. Just like the snow clings hard and doesn't let go until the warm air of the sun destroys it, I … Continue reading Things that are hanging on for dear life

If you missed it…you were probably in a tryptophan coma

A long time ago (a whole Thursday ago), you went to someone's house that didn't like you, and you didn't like them, but you were forced to because they insisted that you not sit at home alone blissfully playing video games or laying on the couch.  You drove three hours to get to their house, … Continue reading If you missed it…you were probably in a tryptophan coma

In case you missed it…It was a lazy week

I spent all week not working.  Okay, I don't work most weeks, but this one happened to be where I was at home being lazy.  I sent the kids off to school, "allowed" my wife to go shopping and I killed some alien lizards with chainsaws, because they invaded my home.  When someone interrupts my … Continue reading In case you missed it…It was a lazy week

Friday Thankless Giving Pictures

Since it is Friday and November, it is time for people to start thinking about things that they are thankful for.  Other people that is.  If you know anything about me though, I'm not other people though am I?   So, I am going to talk about things I'm not thankful for. My computer... Un-fortune-ate … Continue reading Friday Thankless Giving Pictures

Bitter Vacation Friday Pictures

In case you are really bad at looking at calendars or bad at realizing how people seem to be dressed in casual jeans instead of their normally dapper attire, it is Friday.  A day in which, I like to post blantantly stolen pictures from the internet and loosely relate them to how bitter I am.  … Continue reading Bitter Vacation Friday Pictures

Bitter Scariness

This is the time of year I dread.  People are dressed up in costumes, offices are doing their best to immitate living in an overgrown batcave, and worst of all people are being encouraged to eat differently than other times of the year.  That's right, October is the month we celebrate World Vegetarian's Day(at least you … Continue reading Bitter Scariness

Autumn Bitterness

I've heard enough.  There are a whole bunch of people out there on WordPress, television, Facebook and of course, the most popular social network, MySpace proclaiming their love of Autumn.  All I know is that at least 7 of my life's top 15 most embarrassing moments are named after this season. You can say about all the nice things … Continue reading Autumn Bitterness

Bitter Stuff You’re Glad you missed…

Once again, whether you like it or not, I'm going to recap stuff that happened last week.  Not important stuff like what happened in the world, but stuff that happened on my blog. Stuff I blogged about: A Bitter Review about The Amazing Race: Because you know that if I ran this race around the … Continue reading Bitter Stuff You’re Glad you missed…

In case you missed Bitterness as much as you missed the Government(ie not at all)

Whether you missed anything on the blog on purpose or because you are lazy and just didn't feel like it, you may have missed all or some of the bitter things that were posted on here this week.  For my inconvenience and your convenience, I am bitterly recapping all the crap stuff that happened both … Continue reading In case you missed Bitterness as much as you missed the Government(ie not at all)

Canadian Friday Picture Bitterness

It's Friday again and you know what that means.  I am too lazy to write anything, so I just post pictures taken from the internet that make me bitter and comment about them.  Today, in honor of my neighbors to the north(not in my neighborhood.  They have no honor), Canada, who has an actual government that … Continue reading Canadian Friday Picture Bitterness