Evil Genius Bitterness

Evil Genius aka as Bitter Ben.  My first newspaper ad running on a blog.  Genius.  And evil.

Evil Genius aka as Bitter Ben. My first newspaper ad running on a blog. Genius. And evil.

As an evil genius who is also bitter I am always looking for minions, but lately I haven’t been able to find the quality of minnions that is required to do all my work while I laugh maniacally.  My old channels of finding minnions just isn’t working out so I decided to try the old fashioned way.  I am going to run a newspaper ad and then post that newspaper ad on my blog.

"I'm tired of your mind control games, Brain.  We will not let you control us anymore." - My hands

One of my former Minions of the Month.

It really is hard to find good minnions these days but if you think you are one of the few, the proud, the psychotic, please apply for a minnion position.  I understand that ecomony is failing and that is why I am here to help.  If you work for me you have a job for life.  If I don’t get anyone, I will be so bitter.  So apply today.  Or you will be considered good and you will be my enemy.


Bitter Ben


10 thoughts on “Evil Genius Bitterness

    • I want to thank you for your nomination. Where and when is the ceremony? Is it in LA? Should I wear my best powder blue tux with ruffles? Wait…there is no ceremony? That’s it. I am now bitter and I won’t go! Especially if there is no caviar or sushi! I do have a list of demands if you want my future appearance. See my Celebrity Rider Bitterness post.


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