Bitter T shirt of the Week

I’m bitter because the caption on this shirt is completely false. I was born in California.

As a person who chooses to write things instead of say things because saying things takes so much effort and is really hard work, my favorite form of expression besides blog writing is T-shirts.  So along comes this T-shirt which would be a perfect way to express myself except the state is wrong.  And the city.  That is what makes me bitter.  Something that is so close to awesome and yet is only 3000 miles from the truth! I’m not saying that the people of Boston aren’t bitter, which they are, but the birthplace is Pasadena, CA.  By the way Boston,  if you are so bitter maybe you should be reading and participating in the bitter blog more.  I’m calling you out people of Boston!  Show me your bitterness!  Or should I should I say your bittahness. 


Bitter Ben


One thought on “Bitter T shirt of the Week

  1. Boston can’t be bitter. Its the birthplace of the famous Boston Baked Beans. Which, by the way, was a favorite childhood candy of mine. Why I remember, whenever I would get down in the dumps, I would just reach into the pocket of my coveralls, because that’s what we wore in rural Indiana when I was growing up. And pull out a Boston baked bean that was melted to the inside of my pocket and covered with lint, chew it up, and life would be great and my bitterness would subside.

    I’m bitter because I haven’t had a Boston Baked Bean since I was a kid.


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