When Kid’s Fight Bitterness

Why can’t the elephant kid party and the donkey kid party get along?

When kids fight it makes me so bitter .  It seems like they fight over the littlest things.  It all started over a year ago, when one of them was fighting with other friends at an elephant party.  They fought over who was the smartest, who was the best at keeping money and who was the best at getting other friends to make their own money.   After all the bickering at the party they finally all decided to make one of them leader of the elephants.  It was kind of cool because they threw a party for him and got to be the master of the elephants.  But that kid wasn’t satisfied.  He wanted to fight with other kids in another party.  A donkey party.

The kid that was in charge of the donkey party had been in charge of the donkey party for a while so the rest of the kids decided to make him the leader of the big white house party.  Some of the kids wanted him to stay in charge of the white house party and other kids liked the kid in charge of the elephants and wanted him to be the kid in charge of the white house party.

That is when the kids really started to fight.  The elephant kid started telling other kids about what the donkey kid did at the white house party and what he didn’t do.  The donkey kid started telling other kids about how the elephant kid did some things and didn’t do other things.  Little things like how they should treat the girls and what they should be doing when their parents take them to other places on vacation.

Then they got together on the playground three times and they fought and they fought and a winner was declared by the kids that got to use their cameras and the kids that wrote things on their pieces of paper with their pencils.  Then, the kids decided that the fights weren’t enough to solve who would get the white house party, so they decided they would tell all their friends in other states about it.  So they fought about who got to use the television and fought over who got to use the radio, and they fought over who got to use the computer.   They decided that one or the other would get to have the white house party so they told all the other kids to vote on Tuesday, November 6th.   It’s true that one kid can make a difference on  how a  party goes for the next four years, but I just wonder why the elephant kid and the donkey kid and all their followers have to fight so much about it.  Why couldn’t these kids just get along?  The fact that they can’t makes me so bitter.  Makes me think that those kids need a time out.


Bitter Ben

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