Some Coal Appeared and Saw Its Shadow Bitter Friday Giftures


Sometimes I get a little confused. I know that today is Groundhog’s Day, but does he appear and make a shadow if the winter is going to be six weeks longer or if you are naughty you get coal. Also, which is the one with fireworks? Is it Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day? And what is the difference between Memorial Day and Labor Day? One begins the summer and one ends right? But which is which? Anyways, I never get confused about Fridays, because it means that I get to post Friday Giftures about failures, like me. Here they are…

Like this guy for instance…

…who appears to need more training.

Or this guy…

…who doesn’t appear to be able to ski very far.

Or either of these people…

…that seem to have been born without periphreal vision.

This guy forgot that…

…gravity isn’t always your friend.

And all these people…

…not understanding that you are supposed to go against the grain.

I guess that cart…

…had a little too much horsepower.

I guess when they said he would be swimming with the fishes…

…he didn’t quite understand what that meant.

He just thought he was trying to…

…give that truck a little hug.

Someone was really…

…dogging their routine.

Never underestimate a country…

…that can jump rope really well.

You get a trophy, and you get a trophy…

…actually only you.

I guess this is a little…

…car-ma for standing too close.

That’s it. I’m hoping we can figure out this holiday thing. And maybe having a few more would be great. Just saying. Nobody needs me at the workplace more than 2 days a week. You can make that happen right Congress?


Bitter Coal in Your Easter Basket Ben

18 thoughts on “Some Coal Appeared and Saw Its Shadow Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. HA!!! 😛 and YIKES!!! 😮

    The dog was my fav! Dogs will do their thing anytime, anywhere, no matter who is watching them!!! 😀

    I’m so sorry you are holiday-challenged. 😦
    Maybe your wife could circle all of the holidays in red ink on a calendar and write “Remember to buy me a gift!” on each holiday. That might help you! 😉 😛

    And, yes, more holidays would be nice!

    HUGS!!! 🙂


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